Engine release, bugfixes and major changes!

Hi there!

After a week of hard work, we managed to fix a lot of bugs and decided to release our engine to the public! You can now download the VoxaGine alongside the game. It utilizes ray marching technology and runs fully on voxels. You can use it to add your own content to the game, play around with values, or just see how far your gpu can go if you decide to destroy an entire map at once!  

We also revamped some of the art assets, expanded UI, improved stability of the game and played around with some values to make the characters feel better.

We hope you enjoy the game!



Added  and changed:

  • Movement Speed Decreased by 20%
  • Spawning Portals - Destructible, Infinite Waves
  • Implemented Camera Shake
  • Implemented Aim Reticle Colour Swap
  • Implemented Projectile Shrinking Upon Being Caught
  • Increased Enemy Numbers in Levels
  • Made the Lantern Enemy Stronger by Changing its Jump
  • Made the Long Neck Lady Slightly Stronger
  • Increased Variety of Audio Effects for Different In-Game Events (explosions, menu clicks, etc.)
  • Improved Main Menu Layout
  • Implemented Win/Lose Screen
  • Implemented Tutorial UI
  • Implemented Recall Indicator Arrow



  • Fixed spawners spawning obscene amounts of enemies
  • Fixed enemies dying if they touch a projectile that’s not moving
  • Fixed some static assets twitching back and forth
  • Fixed engine crashing when entering new chunk
  • Fixed the AI sometimes not moving
  • Fixed phasing through walls if moved quickly enough
  • Fixed spawners never stopping to spawn enemies
  • Fixed UI prompt hit boxes colliding with the projectile
  • Fixed health not being shared between players
  • Fixed spawner hit boxes colliding with the projectile
  • [Engine] Fixed crashes on disabling auto save
  • Fixed the spider enemy only moving in z axis
  • Fixed Particles becoming black when the number of active particles becomes too big
  • [Engine] Fixed models loosing 1 row of voxels when loaded into the engine
  • Fixed aiming not working with idle animation
  • Fixed Player index being swapped in the main menu
  • Fixed projectile going through indestructible colliders
  • Fixed animation in engine using different origin point
  • Fixed both controllers rumbling when only one player catches the projectile
  • Fixed hold indicator appearing if the player id holding the catch button without having the projectile
  • Fixed controllers not rumbling on catch
  • Fixed disk disappearing if both players pressed throw at the same time
  • Fixed disk disappearing when thrown close to the door in the first moment of the fishing village
  • Fixed assets not appearing in the second moment of the fishing village
  • Fixed lantern enemies randomly turning invisible
  • Fixed projectile spawning without mesh and having no effect on the world
  • Fixed projectile getting stuck on 1 voxel high obstacles when getting recalled
  • Fixed projectile not spawning if the players stand too close to one another
  • Fixed tiles on the floor blocking the player
  • Fixed spawned enemies having no collision
  • Fixed loading new scene causing the character to disappear
  • Fixed getting stuck in loading screen after a game over
  • Fixed selecting levels bringing the player back to the menu
  • Fixed multiple projectiles spawning if the players spam the shoot button while facing each other
  • Fixed projectile not working in the 2nd part of the fishing village level
  • Fixed enemies disappearing after a while
  • Fixed animations on the main character stopping to play
  • Fixed the game crashing on the splash screen
  • Fixed the game crashing on loading the main menu level
  • Fixed the throwing animation for one of the characters getting stuck in a loop
  • Fixed diagonal dashing enabling the player to dash over walls
  • Fixed the last moment in the game crashing the engine
  • Fixed entities not blocking the projectile if their collision boxes overlap
  • Fixed voxel precise collision not being resolved properly
  • Fixed the chunk system often crashing the engine
  • Fixed crash after dashing through geometry
  • Fixed multiple out of bounds glitches in levels

Have fun and share if you enjoyed!

~BitBuster Team


VoxagineGameEditor.zip 48 MB
Jun 21, 2019
BitBusterGame.zip 48 MB
Jun 21, 2019

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