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I'm glad to say the team has fixed the problems with the slugs and getting stuck. I noticed some added sounds and the background music is great. Also good job on the finish line, it's really nice. Enjoyable game guys.

Great game this game has gone a long way from the early acces!
amazing the audio and graphics are so FUN and CUTE!
I love it!

Here are my thoughts:  

Art style is fun, the placements of the environment makes it clear where you want the player to go.  I like the characters a lot, love how goofy they are.  animations are great.  

I also have the same problem as tentative and sponsman with the minions being stuck on rocks and edges. this ends up me finishing the second level without any minions which is pretty frustrating (it does invites me to replay it a few times but after 3 times being frustarted I didnt want to play anymore).

The part where the monsters are shooting projectiles at you feels extremely unfair, I wish there was something I could do about them (maybe throwing a minion at them to disable them for a small period).

I don't know what the differences are between red and blue minions, this isn't clear. 

I know this game has a lot of potential and can be a lot of fun, but its the end of the MVP stage. still here are some points that could be maybe improved for potential future development.
- I miss the noise of the environment I think this could add a lot to the player experience. 
- I would like to see interaction with the environment, like collect a certain amount of minions to move stuff or throw objects at enemies.
- maybe customizations on the king to make it extra goofy

At the moment traversal is good enough for the MVP, I do hope you guys can fix the Collisions for the final build, Good luck! and can't wait to play it :)

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So, I played the new version today and experienced the same problems as tentative with the minions being stuck on edges and such. Otherwise the spitting slugs are just really annoying. I don't manage to finish the second level with any minions, because the spit ball just predicts where I'll be and then kills basically all the minions, it's frustrating. Another thing is the minions getting quite far away from the king when they're dancing, makes it harder to not get them stuck on the environment and it's hard to predict where the minions will land as the indicator only shows the king's dash path.

I played this for a little bit. here are my thoughts:

the art style is fun and clear. immediately shows me where I should be going. I love the little king and the other characters, the animations are fitting and overall give off a very goofy vibe. I like the intro. I would look at text spacing here (punctuation, timing) because I didn't get most of the story while looking at the images. skip function is nice to see. the buttons/UI needs some work, as they're blurry and squashed. initially after completing the first level, the button for the second level didn't show up. this was fixed by going back and forth between the menus, though. 

the houses look like I can enter them, I was sad to see I couldn't. I'm not sure what the difference is between my red and my blue minions.

 the main issue with this game in its current state is that my minions get stuck on ramps, plants, rocks and other 'edges'. the gameplay depends a lot on how 'fair' it feels to lose my minions (i.e. by crossing over a chasm wrongly). this means that the minions getting stuck feels frustrating. when I got to the spitting enemies, you lost my interest, because they instantly killed all my minions and pushed me over the ledge. they didn't really feel balanced compared to the lawnmowers. the pencil swings have a big hitbox and killed a lot of my guys. 

I want to say though that I feel like this game has potential. I know this is at the end of the MVP stage, but as a hypothetical future development idea I would love to see some more interaction with the environment, collectibles, or a bigger integration of the theme 'working together to achieve a goal' (i.e. opening certain gates when having obtained certain minions, or other size related puzzles). Right now it's purely traversal, and I feel like that's fine as an MVP, but it's making the collision issues even more frustrating as it's the main thing I'm doing. I do hope to see the final product in a few days. good luck!!

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The turret obstacles need work, so does aiming the dash. The minions sometimes get stuck on seemingly flat ground. Great art style though. The UI needs to be improved (blurry, a bit big), but I trust the team will work on that. There also seem to be some performance issues. It started chugging the fps on the 2nd half of the 1st level (i5-6500, gtx 1050ti, 16GB RAM).

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Hey there, could you elaborate a bit on why you believe the "turret obstacle" needs work?

We are currently trying out different aiming techniques. Thanks for reaffirming we are testing the right things.

- PastaPun  (Hazard and level designer)

In the section with the double turret it feels like I will, no matter what, lose minions. Maybe the size of the projectile could be decreased.

Could not play it. Does it requires 8GB RAM?