Release Notes Build V0.1 - 25/05/2022

Key Changes:

  1. POI’s:
    Multiple points of interest are now located in space which will offer unique challenges and upgrades in the future. Additionally, Geysers & Exploding Hazards have been added to keep the player on their toes.

  2. UI Polish & Onboarding:
    The player is now introduced to game systems on starting a playthrough. Further additions to UI have been made like tooltips, gear visibility, sound feedback, warnings, etc. On top of that a save system, main menu & pause menu have been added.

  3. Spaceship Models:
    The spaceship is now starting to feel more alive thanks to numerous models for the fabricator, storage, plant props, arches, etc.

  4. Doug Changes:
    Doug has received new textures & an updated rig. Furthermore, new walking, idle & flying animations have been added.

Known Issues / Bugs:

  • Hatch stays locked when saving & having completed the tutorial
  • Tooltip for controller stays on screen when pressing Y to close UI
  • Crafting Slots don’t close crafting menu when pressing TAB
  • Controller Tooltip can stick to left top of screen
  • Pick-Up Button Prompt names differ from tooltip names
  • Walking slowly on controller will make walking animation play too fast
  • Tooltip of Iron Bar goes off screen
  • Asteroid rotation is jittery

Change List:

  • UI/UX & Onboarding:
    • Added controller Support for Gameplay & UI
    • Added warning indications for oxygen, food & health
    • Added booster indication on boosting
    • Added Saving & Loading System
    • Added Item Pop-Up’s on collection
    • Added Onboarding Tutorial
    • Added Tooltips for items
    • Added Main Menu
    • Added Pause Menu
    • Added Button Prompts for interaction & tutorials
    • Added seeing gear in inventory ui
    • Added intro cinematic
    • Added custom duck feet cursor

  • Animations:
    • Updated Doug Rig
    • Added Doug Walk Idle Animation
    • Added Doug Fly Idle Animation
    • Added Doug Walking Animation
    • Added Doug Stop Walking Animation
    • Added Doug Flying Animation
    • Added leaning animation
  • Models:
    • Added new Asteroid meshes
    • Added new Doug mesh
    • Added storage model
    • Added fabricator model
    • Added Arches model
    • Added rock pillar models
    • Added Racoon / Jerry Mesh
    • Added Numerous Ship Decoration Props
    • Added Crystal Static Meshes
  • VFX:
    • Added Slime VFX
    • Added Radiation VFX
    • Added crystal VFX
    • Added Cold VFX

  • Sound:
    • Added opening inventory sound
    • Added selecting crafting category sound
    • Added crafting something sound
    • Added eating sound
    • Added health depleting sound
    • Added oxygen warning sounds
    • Added food low sounds
    • Added duck step sounds

  • Gameplay Features:
    • Added exploding Hazards
    • Added Geysers
    • Added Radiation Zones
    • Added Slime Planet Point of Interest
    • Added Crystal Planet Point of Interest
    • Added Suit Upgrades
    • Added ability to get launched from the airlock

  • Performance:
    • Optimized lighting render times
    • Optimized Asteroids
    • Updated Mineral Generation
    • Improved Lighting in ship

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    Version 1 May 24, 2022

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