Release Notes Build V0.2 - 03/06/2022

Key Changes:

  1. UI Overlay Changes: We’ve started redesigning the UI to be in line with the upcoming visual overhaul. Furthermore, Warnings & Dialog have been centralized in one place and use a priority system.

  2. Bugfixing: Most issues regarding last build have been fixed as can be seen in the changelist.

Known Issues / Bugs:

  • You need to press TAB twice to close the crafting menu when the mouse cursor isn’t focused on any crafting recipe.
  • Controller Tooltip can stick to left top of screen when opening the inventory or storage menu.
  • “Food is running low” sometimes appears when food is NOT running low
  • Laser FX is not consistent with clicking
  • “rarer” ores close to spaceship now, making it too easy to just craft everything while staying close to the ship.

Change List:

  • UI/UX & Onboarding:
    • Fixed ItemPopUp & Pick-Up Prompt not showing correct item name.
    • Fixed Pressing Y on controller not hiding inventory or storage tooltips
    • Fixed Button Prompts overlapping or showing up when a menu is open
    • Fixed Copper spawned by quitting the tutorial now won't spawn if it has already spawned
    • Fixed player being able to jump out of window and skip tutorial.
    • Started Redesign of crafting menu to be in line with later VA overhaul
    • Started Redesign of storage menu to be in line with later VA overhaul
    • Warning & Dialog widgets now use same space
  • Gameplay:
    • Added more asteroids to Level_Main
    • Increased damage radius & decreased wind-up animation
    • Game can now only be saved when on the resting bed

  • Performance:
    • Disabled 50+ unused plugins
    • Asteroids no longer updated as quickly when outside of render range
    • Changed lighting to static
  • Other Changes:
    • Fixed Walking slowly on controller will make walking animation play too fast
    • Added Mining laser VFX (changes based on mining level)
    • Added Airlock opening & closing sounds
    • Added new model for Storage
    • Converted project to C++

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