Release Notes – Early Access – 15/06/2022

Key Changes:

  1. Game is playable from start to finish: The game can be played from the beginning tutorial till the cockpit unlock (end).
  2. World / POI’s: The POI’s have been visually overhauled, and they now contain their unique resources & recipes. The geyser & hazard plants have seen multiple iteration and the world has been rebalanced in terms of resources, geysers & oxygen locations.
  3. Spaceship Interior: The interior has been updated with multiple assets to make the ship feel more alive. Including the Greenhouse & Cockpit. Lighting has also been overhauled.
  4. Doug Animations: Doug has received multiple new animations to make him more lifelike and reactive to certain situations (radiation, low oxygen, etc.)
  5. UI Overhaul & Polish: The Crafting UI has seen a visual overhaul, Diagetic UI has been implemented. A settings menu has been added and multiple quality of life features have been implemented.
  6. Bugfixing & Performance: about 34 bugs have been fixed and performance went up from 30 fps to +/- 100 fps


Known Issues / Bugs:

  • Doug head can block storage & crafting UI
  • Items dropped in the ship don’t have gravity
  • D-Pad support for settings menu does not work
  • Issues related to setting “pause on open inventory”
  • Lighting is not as intended in this build.

Change List:

  • UI/UX & Onboarding:
    • Crafting Menu, Storage & Inventory Menu
      • Added Button Prompts to clarify how to perform certain actions 
      • Crafting Menu has been overhauled to fit VA Style for UI 
      • Added Indications for if something can be crafted 
      • Added indications for if a category contains something craftable 
      • Added HUD animation showing only hunger when in storage or crafting menu 
      • Add Icons for all in game resources, recipes & crafting categories 
      • Added Diagetic Text to Storage & Crafting Menu showing what you can craft at any time 
      • Tooltip for consuming an item is now added 
      • Added warning for when inventory is full 
      • Re-added gear UI controller Support 
      • Added new Tooltips support for Inventory & Gear 
      • Added Camera Animations for interacting with Fabricator or Storage 
      • Adjusted Storage Look to be more inline with upcoming VA overhaul 
      • Removed hatch & greenhouse icons in the gear section of the inventory UI 
      • Recipe column now always shows in top of crafting menu. 
      • Re-Added Controller Support for Storage 
      • Changed Descriptions for Items, Tutorials, Recipes
    • Main Menu 

      • Added Loading Screen 
      • Added New Camera Transitions for Performing Certain actions in the Main Menu 
      • Added Animations & Sounds to Main Menu 
      • Fixed SkipCinematic text not re-appearing after having pressed the proper skip key once. 
      • Updated Assets in Main Menu (using rift instead of a red box) 
    • Settings Menu 
      • Added Settings menu 
      • Added Settings that show the controls 
      • Added Audio Sliders 
      • Added Graphics Settings ( resolution, shadow quality, window mode, etc.) 
      • Added Colour Blindness settings 
    • General: 
      • Added Death UI 
      • Changed Z order on all widgets so they don’t wrongly overlap 
      • Updated Quest HUD Alignment 
      • Added Warning Pop-Up’s for committing to certain changes (quiting the game, applying settings etc.) 
      • Fixed Onboarding Tutorial not progressing 
      • Added Support for D-Pad, Arrow Keys, WASD to most menu’s 
      • Changed opacity on Notifications to make it a bit more readable 
      • Added new Header & Text Font
  • Character – Doug:
    •  Animations
      •  Added Falling Animation
      • Added Landing Animation 
      • Fixed Jumping animation looping when using controller 
      • Added Additive Looking Around Animation 
      • Updated Doug Jumping Animation 
      • Added Panic Animation when almost out of oxygen 
      • Added Freezing & Radiation Animations 
    •  FX 
      • Added Booster FX
      • Mining Laser now has proper VFX 
    • Sounds 
      • Added Booster Sounds
      • Added Mining Laser Sounds

  • Level Elements:
    • Outer Space
      • Added Rift VFX
      • Geyser now has proper VFX
      • Added 3 new Asteroid Variations
      • Added more asteroids into the level
      • Updated VFX on Hazard Plant
      • Added Geyser Sounds
      • Added Oxygen Harvesting Sounds

    • POI’s:
      • Changed Post Processing Effect on Ice Biome
      • Added Rock Pillar Meshes
      • Added Post Processing to Slime biome
      • Added base island meshes
      • Added Ice Rocks
      • Added Level streaming to spaceships & POI’s
      • Added new Ice Chunks & Ice Rock Meshes
      • Added Insulating Slime Harvestable to slime biome
      • Added new island meshes
      • Added Ice Crystals meshes
      • Added Ice POI VFX
      • Added Radiation Zone VFX

  • Progression:
    • Added new resources & recipes
      • Energy Crystal, Rubber, Iron Ore, Quartz, Green Lead, Insulation Slime, Frosted Crystals, Titanium.
      • Ducktape, Iron Bar, Green Lead Bar, Titanium Bar
      • Radiation Suit, Insulation Suit
      • Cockpit Repair Module
      • Added Third Oxygen Upgrade
      • Added Recipe cards to POI’s & Spoiler Location

  • SpaceShip
    • Greenhouse:
      • Added Opening Greenhouse Support
      • Added Extended Fabricator
      • Added Greenhouse meshes & materials
      • Added Mesh for extended Fabricator

    • Control Room:
      • Added Opening Control Panel Support
      • Added Control Room Meshes

    • Hallway:
      • Added new door for greenhouse
      • Added new door for control room
      • Added new Hatch model
      • Added new window next to hatch
      • Updated Crafting Bench mesh with new more detailed version

    • Bedroom:
      • Added Window to Bedroom
      • Implemented Bedroom Mesh

    • General:
      • Added Custom Lighting & Post-Processing to spaceship
      • Added new corner pillars
      • Added new roof mesh for spaceship
      • Added Floors Model
      • Added Spaceship corner meshes
      • Added Lamps to spaceship

  • General
    • Added Iron Bar Pick-Up mesh

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Version 6 Jun 15, 2022

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