Release Notes Build V0.4 - 23/06/2022

Key Changes:

  1. UI Visual Overhaul: Most UI has been visually overhauled to fit the theme. Furthermore, some feedback has improved to make aspects like crafting & quests more noticeable.
  2. Characters: Jerry has finally been added in the game as the mysterious lifeform Doug will meet. Doug has also received his new model along with new animations for his gadgets (Mining Laser & Booster).
  3. Spaceship: The interior is now fully decorated. Most materials & colours have been added as well as multiple decorations to make the spaceship feel more alive. The exterior for the spaceship has also been added.
  4. Lighting: The lighting has been revamped. We now have special lighting set-up’s for each different biomes, furthermore god rays, post-processing effects & fog have been added.

Known Issues / Bugs:

  • Jerry is not in his spot on the Radiation Zone
  • Settings Menu Return button stays highlighted after being pressed once
  • Settings Menu Controls options have sliders that do nothing

Change List:

  • UI/ UX & Onboarding:
    • Added Credits
    • Added Button Prompts showing how to exit Storage & Inventory UI
    • Added new textbox visuals
    • Added new textboxes upon unlocking a recipe
    • Added new textboxes upon crafting a recipe
    • Added help button when interacting with crafting or inventory menu
    • Added Text feedback saying “Crafted” when an item is crafted
    • Added Checkmark feedback when everything in a category has been crafted
    • Fixed Diagetic Crafting text for extended fabricator not working
    • Added description to locked recipes
    • Revamped Storage & Inventory to fit Visual Style
    • Added I input for opening inventory
    • Added New quests teaching how to consume food
    • Added New quest for crafting ducktape
    • Added new quest for unlocking radiation suit
    • Added functionality for pick-up button prompts to all doors, oxygen plants & outcrops
    • Fixed intro cinematic sometimes not rotating the camera
    • Changed Settings Menu to fit with visual style
    • Revamped Quest System to fit with visual style
    • Added animations to the Quest System to make it more noticeable
    • Added new Food & Oxygen Warnings
    • Removed Skip tutorial button from pause menu
    • Added new Mining Cursor
    • Added new Cursor

  • Characters:
    • Added Jerry Model
    • Added Jerry Idle & Dancing Animation
    • Added Jerry Dialog System
    • Added New Doug Model
    • Added Animations for Mining Laser
    • Added Animations for Booster appearing
    • Tweaked Booster VFX to stick to character
    • Added sound for when Jerry Talks
  • Spaceship:
    • Fixed Items not having gravity 
    • Added Heal VFX 
    • Added Spaceship colors & materials for all walls & floors in the spaceship 
    • Adjusted Spaceship lighting 
    • Added Music to the Greenhouse 
    • Added Rubber Ducks 
    • Added Space Helmet decorations 
    • Added Pipe Props o Added ramp for entering hatch 
    • Added Decals for All Sections of the Spaceship 
    • Added Exterior of Spaceship

  • Level Elements:
    • Updated Meshes for resources (when collecting or dropping)
    • Added new rubber model
    • Added new insulating slime model
    • Added Icycles
    • Revamped outcrop base mesh
    • Added small flag to Jerry’s hideouts
    • Adjusted Outdoor space lighting
    • Adjusted POI’s Lighting
    • Added new Slime Material for slime pools
    • Slime pools now damage the player
    • Added Pea Plants
    • Added sound effects for harvesting peas
    • Added sound effects for harvesting insulating slime

  • Progression:
    • Doubled Food Respawn Timer
    • Changed ingredients required for high capacity oxygen tank
    • Redistributed Oxygen Plants
    • Redistributed Geysers

  • General:
    • Made sure all debug commands are now disabled on shipping builds

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Version 9 Jun 23, 2022

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