Release Notes Build V1.0 - 28/06/2022

Key Changes:

  1. Cinematics: An intro & finishing cutscene have been added to the game.
  2. POI’s Finishing touches: The POI’s have had multiple new props & decorations added to make the biomes come to life ( grass, proper igloo mesh, more ground models & textures).
  3. Bugfixing: The interior has been updated with multiple assets to make the ship feel more alive. Including the Greenhouse & Cockpit. Lighting has also been overhauled.

Known Issues / Bugs:

  • Pick-Up prompt can overlap with other UI when placed close to inventory or storage menu
  • Player can hear Jazz music through the walls
  • Hatch Door clips the spaceship interior
  • Jerry Hitbox for interacting is a little small
  • Jerry Audio plays multiple times
  • On some occasions the Resolution settings don’t work
  • On some occasions the cursor hides when returning from the settings menu
  • Food is not reduced if you ignore the heal at the bed quest.

Change List:

  • Fixed BP_Jerry, Interaction text only appears, when you can actually interact
  • Fixed navigation tooltip for upgrades that are locked still showing when hovering over the locked upgrade
  • Added new sound effect for the exploding hazard
  • Doug’s stats (health, hunger, oxygen) now pause when talking to jerry
  • Added several posters, newspaper & other decorations to the spaceship
  • Revamped Main Menu with new Doug Model, new interactable objects & new animations
  • Added Load & New Game options to main menu
  • Fixed Feedback on how to close the crafting menu dissapears when not hovering over an upgrade or category
  • Fixed pivot of exploding plant head mesh
  • Revamped HUD elements (health, oxygen, hunger) to fit with visual style
  • Revamped Pause Menu to fit with visual style
  • Added new intro cinematic
  • Added new ending cinematic
  • Fixed multiple texture errors
  • Added Pillows & blankets for Doug’s bed
  • Added Slime POI Environmental meshes
  • Added more glass materials
  • Added descriptions to all settings
  • Added some images to settings that needed them
  • Fixed Settings Menu not being navigable with D-Pad
  • Fixed Hand cursor not showing up upon hover over crafting menu or storage
  • Replace reticule with white dot
  • Fixed text pop-up saying “good luck doug” twice when using controller
  • Fixed numerous collision bugs
  • Added Music Slider to settings
  • Improved navigation between controller & Keyboard
  • Finished up Jerry’s Textures
  • Added Grass in Frost POI
  • Updated Loot tables for asteroids
  • Added more titanium in Frost Biome
  • Hatch now gives a pop-up for unblocking it
  • Fixed PlayerUI Boosting indication staying darkblue after death
  • Fixed extended fabricator shows indication that something can be crafted when only something can be crafted in the normal fabricator


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