A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

What is Set and Spike?

Set and Spike is a volleyball-inspired multiplayer game where 2 players compete to determine who has the best skills, combos & reaction speeds! You play as one of our two characters; the power-type “Lobster Cat” and speed-type “Rapid Rat”. Using a variety of different hits & combos, it’s up to you to determine whether you have what it takes to demolish your opponent’s court before they destroy yours with our tug-of war style scoring system! Falling behind & accumulating holes across your side of the court? Not to worry! Get back at your opponent by scoring points yourself, destroying their court & having yours patched up in turn! You may know how to Set the ball, but will you be able to take advantage of it & Spike?


When you are in the court and pause the game, in the top right corner you can now see your IP. If you are the hosting player and have successfully port forwarded port 7777, you can send the IP to the second player.

The second player can then go to the new find session and type in the IP and they need to make sure Use Port is checked if they are playing on different networks.
For LAN you can either create an online game as host and don't use the port as player or you create a LAN game as host and search for LAN games as a player.

Controls (keyboard/controller):

Movement: WASD/left joystick
Jump: Spacebar/A
Overhead hit: J/X
Spike: K/Y (in air)
Underhand hit: L/B


Design and Production

  • David van der Waals
  • Robin Jansen Eyken Sluyters
  • Sem Lefering
  • Antonie Martinovich van der Meer (Itch.io page admin)

Visual Art

  • Aileen van de Pas
  • Abigail Putri Simanjuntak (Itch.io page admin)
  • Veronica Redlaff (Itch.io page admin)


  • Tristan van Veenhuijzen
  • Szymon Tydrych

Computer Specs required to play

Minimum 25-35 FPS

  • CPU: 2 Cores, 4 Threads
  • GPU: Nvidia GT 710 -2gb  or AMD Vega 8
  • Storrage HDD: 2gb of free space 
  • RAM: 8gb

Recommended  ~60 FPS

  • CPU: 4 Cores, 8 threads
  • GPU: Nvidia GTX 750TI  or AMD Radeon HD 6950
  • Storrage SSD: 2gb of free space 
  • RAM: 16gb

If you have any feedback/suggestions or you encountered a bug please share it with us either in one of the provided forms or in the discussion boards below!


Set and Spike Windows - 64bit 934 MB
Version 14 Jul 02, 2020
Set and Spike Linux - AArch64 915 MB
Version 1 Jul 03, 2020

Install instructions

Unzip and run if you download from the browser, if you download it from the itch.io launcher just press download and then play. 


if you are updating the game and you see that you are still on version 1 in the main menu that means that butler didn't work properly to fix it uninstall the game then install it again, DO NOT use the reinstall button, that does not work.