A downloadable WarFair for Windows

WarFair offers players a unique experience in the world of turn-based strategy gaming. It will provide you with an immersive experience where information gathering through 3D audio, the use of a third-person camera and a movement system that encourages exploration.

Once upon a time, the circus came to town, but it decided to stay! What seemed like a harmless and healthy distraction turned out to be a merciless cult that promoted itself to a regime once it took over the city. The resistance isn't what it used to be when it started out, but that's not going to stop us from trying to take back our city by taking down those evil clowns. This isn't just a game. This. Is. WARFAIR!

Movement: WASD
Camera Rotation: Mouse
Attack Mode: Hold Right Mouse Button
Attacking: Click Left-Mouse Button 
Switching Characters: Shift
End Turn: T

Raul Grell
Jens Petter
Adriaan Koorevaar
Elias Kouwenhoven
Bart Schut
Viktor Vasilev

Amilius Al-Ghitta
Luuk van Eck
Jakub Kokoska

Rick Heeren
Yuli Ognyanov

Marit Gorissen
Kim Horn
Yoanna Hristoskova

Ciska Overkamp
Joshua Rizzo
Bo Vogelzang
Cameron Woad

Made from home... 


WarFair.zip 341 MB