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Crazy Lily is a high-octane top-down shooter set inside a decrepit nuclear submarine. Lily, a potted planted gone sentient, has broken out of her terrarium in search of sunlight - only to find herself at the bottom of the sea, amidst mechanical ruins littered with cryptic text. Tight corridors and sharp corners emanate a menacing presence, filled to the brim with angry pufferfish hellbent on ramming Lily and turning her into a pincushion.

Behind the crowd, however, lurks a duo of specialist who took a more tactile approach to putting down this underwater prison riot. One lobs explosives whilst the other subtly creeps around to shoot Lily, making an otherwise straightforward escape very complicated.

Fortunately, Lily is not without means to counter these threats. Armed with a selection of self-defense tools corrupted by mutant marine life and the ability to throw her weight around, Lily must batter and blast her way out of the submarine room by room!



Visual Art developers
  • Celine van der Knaap
  • Esmée Horler
  • Stela Dobreva
  • Alessia Kemner
  • Laura Simon
Design and Production developers
  • Katelin van Lissum
  • Attila Szücs
  • Remco Nijs
  • Bart Bos
  • Sam Broos
Programming developers
  • Dragoş Popescu
  • Lily Haverlag
  • Daniel Hernando Arrazola Castillo
  • Sam van der Hoeven

Burn The World Waltz by Kevin MacLeod
Link: https://filmmusic.io/song/7912-burn-the-world-waltz
License: https://filmmusic.io/standard-license

Sound effects

Additional sound effects from:


Crazy Lily 1.1 347 MB
Version 5 Jul 06, 2021

Install instructions

  1.  Download the .zip file.
  2.  Right click the .zip file and choose "unpack here"
  3. Find the .exe file within the newly created files and click on it.
  4.  Have fun.


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This is an awesome and fun little game. The art is amazing, the gameplay is nostalgic of old iso-shooters. The gameplay is nicely streamlined and simple to get into but developing a playstyle leads to more rewarding gameplay! I love to see that! Clean UI, great visual design, overall a very enjoyable experience. Thank you!


BANGER MUSIC. A wonderful genocide filled adventure, and cleverly encourages the use of tactics with the reload system and how much more effective some of the weapons are against specific enemies. 

The gameplay has a nice flow to it with some hiccups at the start of not knowing what's destructible. Oftentimes you get utterly overwhelmed by enemies and other times you are indestructible. a literal god plant. How much control you have and how you employ strategy seems to be the divide between these two, in a sense you can increase the difficulty by being more reckless, which keeps the game interesting.  I think once you have multiple levels, rewarding the player's speed could help compliment this. 

The art style is just lovely and I think it suits the music and gameplay very well, it all ties together very nicely and I just adore the fact our little plant dude is such a genocidal maniac. The design of the guns is so creative, I'd love a bit more color in there but that's about it, They're very cool. 

Awesome work guys, I love this game


Woomy! 6/5