A downloadable game for Windows

As a small underground critter, you dash and jump through caves, fleeing from burning lava threatening to engulf your home; in a desperate race to the surface.

Gillian Vos 
Sophie Dapperens 
Viktorija Dola 
Vasco Hooiveld

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2122-y1c-team-1-win.zip 164 MB
Version 1.0 Apr 11, 2022

Install instructions


1. Click on the download button. 
2. Select Unzip files 
3. Launch the game and have fun! 


1. Click on the download button 
2. Select where to install your game. 
3. Wait for the download to finish. 
4. Launch the game and have fun!

Development log


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It's such a shame I couldn't finish the rising lava level in this game! There's a lot to enjoy here. The character has a floaty, slow, weighty feel that's quite satisfying, and despite the challenge of slippery landings it feels like across the board the LDs have paid close attention to metrics and spacing and kept things consistent. The use of geometry is nice, with spaces feeling like they afford the mechanics of movement without being too confined, always guiding without pushing (except for the lava ...) and always keeping a nice flow. The touch with the glowing, floating indicator really adds to the sense of slow but consistent flow.

The one unfortunate bugbear I have is the constant positioning of checkpoints in places the player could, in theory, completely miss! It's a very weird stylistic choice that pulls me out my flow as I have to bump slightly off the critical path to hit them each time.

Beyond that, this has all the hallmarks of a nice game ... something I think could be great with a bit of a push to give the space a bit more meaning and purpose and interest, since right now it's basic blockout.