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Suffer through Pinocchio's trials with momentum, precision and speed.

Pinochio is a 2.5D platformer about moving from point A to B. Pinocchio is hard because he's very fragile and there are plentiful hazards in the enviroment. One small mistake means death for small little Pinocchio. It requires skill to overcome these challenges.

A game made by Zara Samaeva (210076), Denise Bruin (211005), Sebastiano Zezza (210369) and Jack Jadoenath (201565)

Download the latest version -> Extract the file -> Open the folders -> Run PlatformingTemplate.exe


Move left or right: Left Stick/Dpad
Jump: A or B Button/Space
Dash: X or Y Button/Left Shift/Right Shift
Main Menu: Menu button/F/Escape


[FINAL BUILD] Pinocchio April 8 Y1C Team 10 21-22.zip 141 MB

Development log


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There's plenty to enjoy here - some nice, by-the-numbers platforming challenges and some sensible features. Unfortunately throughout all the levels there's this awkward looseness where the level "flows" only if you hit things at the exact spot where they're intended.

The weird, slippery main character feels nice in isolation, but combined with these level setups it makes me wonder if the 3Cs were altered a bit late in development? If the slipperiness is by design, it's cool, but the LD needs to follow with a more forgiving setup, and that might need to be facilitated in feature design as well ...

Remember that you can absolutely cheat and lie to the player, as long as they don't really notice - for example, you could always "pop" the player to the middle of the green dots before they do their extra jump! That would give the LDs more control over how the player moves through the space while the player just has to think "press A when I'm on the green dot" and not worry about exactly where they are on the green dot.

It feels like you're doing everything by the book here but maybe missing the core point that it all needs to come together as a grand experience.

Hi Alan, thanks for playing our game and the feedback!

I must say you are a telepath for guessing that the 3Cs were altered late into development. We were on a tight deadline for that one so we couldn't get a whole lot of testing done.

Not psychic, just seen a lot of student projects! 

You're not the first to learn that lesson the hard way, and I include myself in that (I balanced a client game perfectly for movement, designed 2 whole levels, then the client pointed out the purpose of the game was to sell the character so they needed to be twice the size on-screen). Got to lock that stuff down EARLY or it messes with everything later on.