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A 2.5D platformer that tests your timing and dexterity skills. Use your double jump to navigate through three levels, each throwing new challenges at you and escape the Cyberspace!


QBOT-win.zip 173 MB
Version 1.0.1 Apr 11, 2022


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Nice work!

There's a very noticeable inconsistency in the structure from the first "Level" (I guess?) to the rest - it kinda slides from an open, scrolling space focused on basic jumping slowly going into the more per-screen approach. Both parts are good, but they feel a bit like separate games.

Once it gets rolling the switch/teleport puzzles are neat, simple and fun for the most part. I noticed I was challenged more by the earlier ones, then when you introduce the switches there's a phase where it's all lining up nicely. Both are good, but again there's a question of consistency there - take a look at Micheal J Apter's model of "Types of Fun". The earlier parts are primarily "challenge" fun with a bit of "sensation". The middle bits are "sensation" with just a sprinkling of "challenge". Then came the timed switches ... I have to admit I tapped out at what I assume is about 1/2 or 3/4 through those ... fun, but punishing at times, and pushing from "challenge" into "submission" and the grind of repetitively trying to nail the timing ...

Overall, I get the sense there's a really fun game at the heart of this, but maybe a team that needs to learn to talk more about what their goals are and what type of game they're working on together!

Thanks a lot for the feedback! 

We indeed had some "issues" defining our initial vision for the levels, issues meaning we didn't discussed it since the project seemed to be coming up nicely and we realized too late that we all built towards different ideas. 

If the project moves forward we will define more clearly our intended type of fun and be more cohesive in our approach to the level design, and if it doesn't it's a point of improvement for any future project.