A downloadable Experience for Windows

This is a BUas block C Y1 project by team 12.

Overcome intense fast-paced platforming challenges.

Devs: Finn Slutter, Mathias Larsen, Jiří Vojtěch

Control Scheme


Changelog W5: 

  • Color Scheme 
  • Levels with personal mechanics have an additional challenge
  • Level metrics finished - All level features tested

Changelog W6:

  • Colors updated for some mechanics 
  • Visuals for platforms when they are not in place
  • Level Finn2, Mathias2 and Jiri2 were updated

Changelog W7:

  • Added back button to the legacy menu
  • Level changes in all final levels
  • New logo


Team 12 Shy Mo An Keyboard Support.zip 168 MB

Install instructions

1. Click download
2. Extract the .zip file
3. Run .exe file
4. Enjoy the game! 


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Difficulty shaming on the menu kinda makes you look like douchebags, which is a downright shame because this is some of slickest work I think I've seen in a Y1C project in years. Nice and simple, good well-spaced metrics, and someone's been studying their principles of feedback!

It's a shame that same someone didn't think about the consistency of timing on the switched items - there would be 101 solutions to that, but I'd start with a simple text-based timer rather than nothing. Similarly, no audio? You knew to add particles to death but no audio on jumping? :(

The levels are smooth, the curve introducing difficulty is nice, and I like the addition of the little "sensation" moments of outrunning falling spikes. A great rhythm and a nice, simple platform game. Overall really great work, but one of those cases where it's so good that I know it could have been just a little better! ;)

Thanks for the great feedback, the team and I are glad to hear that you enjoyed our game that much. We totally get the feedback and will take it with us to next blocks.
- Team 12