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Welcome to Team 13's platformer game: Momentus

This game is made as part of our block C project for the creative media and games technology course at Breda University of Applied Sciences.


T13-PlatformerBuild.zip 153 MB
Version 6 Apr 11, 2022

Development log


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There's a lot to really like here! The slippery, flighty feel of the main character is surprisingly easy to get used to, and though there's a couple little spots where the timing of things has been hampered a bit by the long landing zones, the LD team have handled this admirably and you get a pretty nice, smooth experience with a decent rhythm for the most part.

Standout issues: level 3 just gets too tough after a while, and while level 4 has some really creative use of the spring mechanic (especially where you've turned it against the player and you have to NOT jump on them) it has a serious issue with its critical path! At one point I was actually a bit lost and had to pick a direction almost at random, and towards the end it seemed like I skipped about 1/3rd of the level to get to the end.

Oh, and your wall jumping ... well, it sucks to be honest. Took me a while to figure out that I NEEDED to press the opposite direction on the stick or it just didn't really do anything useful. That might have played into the difficulty of level 3, to be honest.

I think, despite the lack of audio, there's something charming and delightful about this. It's got some clever little level design, and it has to be mentioned that the little touches to the character and the environment with the bird-like appearance and the tree ending give the experience just enough metaphor and narrative to feel good overall.

Thank you Alan : D
The wall jump has been pointed out by many players as a confusing / frustrating part of our game, so this would've definitely been a point for improvement if we had more time.

We really appreciate your feedback!

PS. i hope you're enjoying your new job!

How could I enjoy it without you there to make my life interesting Remco? ;)

Hope the new year is going well for you!

been passing so far, trying to keep it up haha