A downloadable game for Windows

Breda University of Applied Sciences - Year 1, Team 14, Platformer project.


A 2,5D casual vertical platformer where you platform past various level objects you can interact with to you reach the top across 4 unique levels.

Controls: Controls

Keyboard controls work, but a game pad is advised:

WASD - Movement

Space - Jumping

Development Log:

There are 3 types of levels in this build:
-Gym Levels: These are the levels in which we tested our character metrics. We each made our own, and then combined them into a team gym level, which you can also find here.
-Test Levels: In these levels we tested multiple level ingredients and small challenges that could go in our finalized levels.
-Final Levels: Found in the final column, these are the final levels that we created using all of our work in the gym and test levels combined. For the best experience, we recommend that you play these levels in order from top to bottom.

Known bugs and issues; 

-Player can sometimes walk through the gap of the springboards
-In the events of the camera not following you anymore, you can pause the game and hit the reset player button to respawn at the latest checkpoint and fix the camera.


Elsie van Bers - Moving & Rotating Platforms,
Thomas Silverthorn - Destructible Platforms,
Flavio Botelho - Springboards,
Renzo Fledderus - Ladders.

Each of these features are best represented in the level created by the feature developer.


2122-y1c-team-14-win.zip 173 MB
Version 1 Apr 11, 2022

Install instructions

  1. Un-Zip the File "2122-y1c-team-14-win"
  2. Open the Folder: "2122-y1c-team-14-win"
  3. Run "Team14Platformer.exe"


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There is some really neat stuff in this game - unfortunately marred by a few little details.

The "collectible jump" feature is lovely. So lovely I was starting to worry when I didn't think it was going to appear in level 2! But once it did it felt like a strong pillar that pulled the game together. Shame to see it literally labelled differently in every level, that felt like a lack of consistency.

Level 2 showed some great innovation by forcing me to do the drop-jump half way up and learn NOT to double-jump. A little bit of a frustrating difficulty spike but some fiendish little challenge designs.

Level 3 then introduced the springs ... not quite so much creative level design, but a fun sensation. It did suffer from the curse of the "50% path choice". Not sure why you wanted to give me two equally weighted critical paths ... doesn't add to the experience, and doubles the work you have to do on balancing it!

Unfortunately the ladder level is the downfall - bit of a swing-and-a-miss on challenge research on that one. What does the ladder do for the game? How does it empower the player to reach their goals? Or hinder them in an interesting and challenging fashion? Unfortunately, like a lot of climbing mechanics in the past, it presents all the same challenges as regular platforms but with a slightly more akward control set. An amiable attempt, but a bit of historic research with a critical eye would show you there's been very few "fun" ladder mechanics in the past, and unfortunately this one didn't bring anything new to the table - I didn't even manage to finish the last level! Which is a shame, because it was very clear the designer on that level was trying their hardest to be creative with the feature and milk all the life out of it they could. Definitely put the effort in, but sometimes these things just don't quite pan out.

Still, that aside this is a neat little project with some very creative level design ideas.