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Black Box is a white box  prototype of a 2D sidescroller showing off 3 prototype levels each revolving around a different mechanic. these mechanics are Breakable Platforms, Springboards  and Teleporters. 

Install instructions

Itch.io Website: 

1. Click on the download button. 

2. Select Unzip files 

3. Launch the game and have fun! 


Itch Desktop App: 

1. Click on the download button 

2. Select where to install your game. 

3. Wait for the download to finish. 

4. Launch the game and have fun!

Game Controls

- Controller

Move Left/Right - Left thumb stick and Directional buttons

Jump - Bottom Face button and Top Face button

Dash - Left Face button and Right Face button

Pause - Start Button

- Keyboard

Move Left/Right - A and D key

Jump - Space Bar

Dash - Left shift and K key

Pause - P and Escape

= Known Bugs

- no currently known bugs

= Known Issues

- Player HP function does work but does not yet have a visual representation in game no HUD.

- UV wrapping for challenge static meshes in Level Ethan

- falling into the first pit in Level Ethan will break the camera

= Change List

- Rick Level updated (challenge 1,4,5,7,8,9)

- Bart Level added

- Ethan Level added


Rick de Haan

Ethan boyd

Bart Bos


Blackbox Final.rar 129 MB


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Well hey, it's Portal the Platformer! Some VERY nice tech work on display here, and I like the feedback added to the crumbling platforms (though it's noticeable they don't reset on player death).

The character feels snappy and responsive - nothing exciting, a little "default" but it works and it feels nice. Unfortunately there's an across-the-board feeling of awkward jump sizes ... I hope that's not a symptom of the dreaded "last minute tweak to the 3Cs"!

Have to mention the camera ... a couple nice spots of dynamism (especially noticeable right at the start, a nice smooth transition early in level 1) but a lot of janky quick cuts in places too.

There's some clever puzzling on display in level 2, and there's a few smart tricks in levels 1 and 3, but - and this might be down to the nature of levels 1 & 3 being less intensive on the portal puzzles - there's a lot of awkward landings and head-bashing on corners in those spaces. Even if you're bashing levels out in whitebox, don't be afraid of slopes and even curves. Sometimes just knocking the corner off something makes a world of difference.

Overall, this one feels like some neat tech and some adventurous ideas, but that leads to less time spent on the experience and an end product that might have needed just a little bit longer in the oven to come out fully prepped! ;)

Thank you a lot for the feedback Alan it is much appreciated. Throughout this block we had quite a bit of issues with our development process due to sickness. So  this feedback really helps iron out the rough edges we missed during development. Once again thanks a lot for the feedback.