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Team 3 Platformer - Pharaoh's Tribute

You're an archeologist. Explore a pyramid, avoid traps, and collect the treasures. But watch out, because once you have the treasures, the pyramid will fill with lava. Make your way out before it's too late and your remains will join the pharaoh!


Moving left or right:
Controller: The D-pad or Joystick
Keyboard: WASD

Bottom & Up Face Button
Keyboard: Space Bar

Triggers and the Left and Right Face Button
Keyboard: C

Open Menu:
Controller: Left and Right Special Buttons
Keyboard: Tab

Select from Menu:
Mouse or Controller


Jénilson Martins da Silva 210619
itch.io | Twitter

Jenny Loikkanen 213757
itch.io | Twitter

Kas Slaghekke 210211
itch.io | Twitter

Koen Leeuwen 211599

Background Image by Smim Bipi from Pixabay

Known issues/bugs:

  • When sliding, it is sometimes possible to clip through geometry
  • Slide does not always register hit detection
  • Spiders do not always move
  • It is possible to miss a checkpoint if sliding through it


Team3_Pharaoh'sTribute.zip 181 MB

Development log


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This is some really nice work. To get such a strong sense of theme and place within a whitebox minimalist art set is quite an achievement. Also, thanks for confirming for me that my speakers do work by actually including sound FX, but I'd advise prioritising FX in future since the most necessary things (flames, crumbling platforms, the player) didn't have them!

Overall, there's just not much to criticise here ... it's a smooth journey with a few big difficulty spikes (sorry, I couldn't get past the rising lava in the 4th level!) but there's a great consistency and a neat rhythm to the experience, with good use of enclosed spaces and a steady beat of action/respite.

One major point, though, is the constant use throughout the levels of branching paths. It feels wrong to me - you're giving the player the option of missing out on some fiendish challenges. The optional paths don't feel challenging to find so ultimately why offer them? Be proud of your work and guide the player. You should be confidently stating to the player "here is my work, enjoy it!" not cautiously saying "here is a thing, maybe, you could try it, if you like". I didn't find any of the "optional" paths that I thought couldn't have been part of a system of progress gating that would force the player to collect everything and experience everything, and I think the game would have been better for it!

Good work, but be proud of your level design and make use of it.