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  BlockShock is a 2.5D platformer consisting of four levels, each level introducing a new mechanic. This game is recommended to be played with a controller.

  You play as a little white satanic cube that can dash. She has been captured to be experimented on for her satanic sympathies. Escape the lab and spread the good word of Satan!

   Any and all feedback would be appreciated!


  1. Download the file to your PC, and unzip it.
  2. If you are using a Playstation controller (Dualshock/Dualsense), install DS4Windows and have that running while playing the game.
  3. Launch 'Block Shock.exe'.


  • Left Stick / D-Pad: Move Character
  • Bottom face button: Jump
  • Left face button: Dash

Created by:

Jakub Petr, Nick Buzatu, Norah Woolderink and Ozan Romeo Somak

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
AuthorBreda University of Applied Sciences
Tags2D, Female Protagonist, Singleplayer


Block Shock.zip 139 MB


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This is a neat little platform game marred by a difficulty curve that crushed me in every level - I didn't finish 3 or 4 as a result. I also didn't learn about being able to dash through the lava until far later than I think I was supposed to (might explain my troubles with level 3), and the air steering didn't feel enough to really make the Celeste-style wall climbing feel natural.

There's a lot of neat ideas, you run through all the best standards (the drop-down dash, the inverted wall jumps, the circling platforms), but along the way there's a lot of little moments of pulling back at the end of jumps and dashes, or sequences of bounces where your commitment too early 3 jumps ago ends up costing you your progress. Don't be afraid to fudge some stuff sometimes to make the player experience better - you don't always have to use physics-based jumping, you could bounce the player predictably from the same spot as long as it's not too noticeable.

In general, this is a neat little platform game that could be beter with some tidying up of spacings of jumps, a little extra guidance with the mechanics, and maybe a re-think of a couple of wall jumping segments.


This is a really good game. The story is immaculate (I loved how it was historically and bibically accurate) and the ending made me tear up. Go spread the good word of Satan little cube! :) 10/10 would play again!