A downloadable game for Windows


Subratica is a 2.5D platformer made @buasgames. Help Julius the rat make his way through the obstacles whilst he tries to find a way outside.

Made by the following amazing individuals:

Visual Artists:

Design & Production

  • Zara Samaeva
  • Peter Janssen
  • Norah Woolderink
  • Tim Rasenberg - Twitter
  • Kas Slaghekke



Controller (Highly Recommended):
Movement: Left Stick / D-Pad
Jump: A / Bottom Face Button
Graband Climb: Right Trigger
Chew and Interact: X / Left Face Button
Pause: Start Button

Movement: A and D
Jump: Spacebar
Grab/Climb: Shift
Interact and Chew: E
Pause: Escape


In order to play: Unzip the downloaded file and run the executable. 


T07 Subratica Build - 23-06-2022.zip 411 MB

Install instructions

To play: Unzip the downloaded file and run the executable. 


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Some levels are incredibly difficult and almost seem impossible if you don't do it perfectly and it can get frustrating with how the controls work.

Sick game, good grafix, needs a sequel

Hi, I got confused which level I should play. Played all and now I am even more confused which level it should have been. The buttons on the keyboard don't make much sense, why not just the W or up key? Controls were hard to use and the feedback on the E interacts not clear. It looks good but the some of the gameplay elements don't stand out against the back ground.

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Hi, amazing looking game. Wish there was actually a proper level to play. I did have fun messing around with the blocks. Some of the background probs have collision. Missing a lot of textures. Pushed a block into crate and couldn't get it back.

Thank you for your comment. We will absolutely take a look at the points you are giving here.