A downloadable game for Windows

Our game is a RTS Viking game where you as the player control the strategic placement of troops to concur the enemy castle. The player is given a grace period where they will place down their troops in a strategic order to besiege the enemy castle with minimum losses. 


Aesir 1 GB
Version 7 Jun 23, 2020

Install instructions

1. Download the .zip file
2. Unzip the File in a folder of your choice (Empty folder recommended)
3. run the Aesir.Exe
4. enjoy the game!


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Hello everyone! 

Had a chance to try out this game as a fist impression and I got to say I had a lot of fun with it. I hope there will be future updates and maybe progress towards a campaign.

A couple of suggestions if I could recommend any was to work on the assets in game of the units and also on the enemies as well.  I can see a lot of time was spent on buildings and boats and even scenery that all looks really good. 

Secondly maybe a bit more background like a campaign or even a historical character thrown in there would be pretty cool.

Thank you for making this awesome game and for community here for supporting it! 



Had fun playing and i cannot wait for more content! 


Impressive progress for an eight week project. The game has some minor bugs (stacking troops on top of eachother, troops getting stuck in the landscape) but overall the game is fun to play and has amazing artwork. Will pick it up again next week to see how it has progressed.


11/10 Amazing...


Absolute masterpiece. - IGN


Great game some minor bugs But even Ubisoft has those!

i would def play this in the future hope this project becomes bigger 

worked pretty smooth i also liked the art style 


Amazing game, stunning design <3 game of the year


This is a great game. Please make more levels for me. <3


100% mate