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Astrohaunt – Paranoid in the Void

Get ready to blast off for a spookily extraterrestrial experience! An overly ambitious scientist’s experiment has gone horrifically wrong, and his mansion has been transported into space. It is your duty to rid the mansion of a horde of restless ghosts.

Take over the different ghost’s powers to benefit you in your traversal through the scientist's mansion: Boost your health, increase your shot number, and gain new powers by trapping the ghosts in a fast-paced and immersive minigame! Clear as many floors of the mansion of ghosts as possible and de-haunt the cosmos!

See you in space, Astronaut!

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Jenny LoikkanenMartijn HagenaarsSeb van den Beemt
Ana StefanJolke de JongeCosta Borghart
Jiří VojtěchJamie PenningnieuwlandJuanvi Garcia Riquelme
Paul WetzelKitty ScheresMees Middelkoop

Adelė Osterberg


Team12 Astrohaunt V1.0.zip 641 MB

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  1. Download the .zip file
  2. Extract the .zip file
  3. Open extracted folder
  4. Run .exe file

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Hi, we got stuck on the minigame, we didn't know how to play it.  Also we didn't see a good reason to want to play the minigame

I see great improvement on the art, level and even the gameplay! There are still some things to fix: We had major lag . The controls are mapped oddly (controller mainly). The tutorial needs to wait for me to read it (we couldn't read that fast, it was a lot of text). We got stuck since we could win the minigame. (We could only find the controls for the controller, and then the result of the minigame is barely visible before it changes screen) The reward for the minigame was not clear.  There are a lot of floating object that look like gameplay objects which aren't.  The UI was not clear (why 2 hp bars)

Nothing that can't be fixed!

Mini-map was a nice touch. Nice short survey! 

Hi, thank you so much for playing the game and giving us feedback! We're glad that you've noticed the improvements we've made on the game!

We are still working on the tutorial to make everything easy to read and understand for the player and we plan to clarify the minigame and the rewards. We will also fix the controls so that they are more intuitive and clear, and clarify the UI. We'll look into what might be causing the lag.

Thank you for bringing these points to our attention! We really appreciate it.

hi, I played your game. I died mainly due to mean :( holes in the ground (I went through a portal and could dodge). The floating chairs blocked my bullets. All the art feels bit weird proportioned, and can be awkward to move around.  I would like to see the cooldown on the dash. It was not clear when I was hit or hitting things.  Aiming is pretty hard, mainly due to the rotating being slow. It was not clear when I was about to die.  Possessing with the controller did not work. Was hoping it to be closer to luigi's mansion with this art style. 

Hey, thank you so much for the feedback! We have taken it into account and are currently working on fixing these issues. We are especially working on displaying the information better, so that you aren´t surprised by a sudden death. Auto-aiming is being implemented and should make for a more comfortable experience.  Thank you again for bringing these points to our attention - See you in space, Astronaut!