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Play as Baja, an adorable chinchilla protecting the spirit world from evil coconuts! Dodge and shoot your way out of the maze to retrieve the soul of Tiki and free the gods from their curse!


Explore the maze and uncover the secrets that lie within. Wander around randomly generated corridors and rooms where none are the same!

✨Magical Combat

Fight different enemy types using a satisfying combat system. Use your Dodge Ability to get away from enemies as fast as possible and hit them from where they don't see it coming!


Experience the Story from Baja, an adorable Chincilla who uses perseverance and willingness to free the Tiki Gods from their curse.


📝 Design & Production 📝

Lucas Dane

Fleur Jansen

Joost Rol

Alberto Sartini

Radu Nenu

🖥️ Programming 🖥️

Tim van der Leeden

Frank van Summeren

Jan Vijfhuizen

Ivan van Dijk

Quinn Verschoor

🖌️ Art 🖌️

Danielle Maat

Thomas Koenders

Esmée van Boven

Harm van Son

Fabio Aragoneses Arribas

StatusIn development
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
AuthorBreda University of Applied Sciences


Baja-Temple-of-the-Gods 265 MB
Version 0.7.1 Jul 01, 2021

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Awesome game, loved playing it

This game is really cool, Its very playable good job! it was a nice experience.