A downloadable game for Windows

You play as a young boy called Bryce. Your sister has been lost.  Looking for your sister you find clues about where your sister might be. But where is she really?  Your first clue starts at your birth village.  Explore the treacherous cliffs and watch out to not fall into the deep blue ocean.

Use your movement skills to traverse this mystical land, solve puzzles and find your long lost sister.                                                                   

                                       Leroy Verdoold                        Kristjan Kull
                                           Ariënne van Ee                         Nigel Karten

                           Esmee de Ruijter                     Isa Weijers
                   Keelan Maclear                        Jamey Brand
                                    Madalina Itu
                             Michael van den Berg
                                                   Jack Glavimans
                             Michelle Lipman


                                      Mattie Tóth                               Mike van Loon                                                                                        Tristan Poiesz

  • Windows 
  • Local single-player
  • Mouse and keyboard 

Keyboard controls only
W = Forwards
S = Backwards
A = Left
D = Right
LSHIFT = Sprint

Download the zip file, extract the folder within. When extracted, run BrokenBonds.exe to play the game.

DNA | Breda University of Applied Sciences

Link to Twitter https://twitter.com/BrokenBonds3

Link to PressKit https://buas.itch.io/broken-bonds-presskit


BrokenBonds.zip 1 GB

Install instructions

Download the zip file, extract the folder within. When extracted, run BrokenBonds.exe to play the game.

If prompted with an error of "unsupported compression algorithm" please uninstall the current version of the game and re-install it. 


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looks interesting, but motion sickness

Nice game! I like the graphics! The playability it's fine but i think you should improved the jump. It feels weird when you jump, I mean animation and programming. I think the game is interesting and could be improved further. I hope you don't abandon the project because it looks promising. Something that I don't name but of course would be missing would be a soundtrack, although the sounds they put on are quite relaxing.


Played the game once again, don't need to say about it looking great cause it really does. My main concern was after solving the fire puzzle, I found it impossible to even make any of the jumps to get to the portal, overall the jumping distance was still off from the last build I played to the point where I was confused if it was even intentional at the portal area? if so please add some text to clarify it to players cause it may make people lose interest without the clarity, if not this is a huge thing to be fixed

Thanks for the feedback! The portal at the end of the cave is basically the end of the game, hence why you got stuck! We will look into adding an ending sequence. 

Environments and character look great. Traversing the rocks in the beginning is not great. I couldn't get past the first set of rocks before giving up. Maybe a walkthrough video would be nice?

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There is a flythrough of the level. Was it hard to traverse because of the rocks pushing you off? Or the general difficulty?


A few points: the environments are gorgeous and I love the entire vibe of the game, however, the gameplay was a bit difficult in some areas and jumping was rather hard as well, also could not go to a menu when dying and had to restart from the installation area. The art is great but some view blocking is essential I believe because I like exploring in games and I just got pushed back from a starting point, so for people like me who like to explore I’d like to see this fixed as well. 

The gameplay after a certain point becomes repetitive cause there were no elements really besides the jumping for a large part. 

For the areas where Bryce needs to step on when making or incorporating the assets, it needs to be clear where he needs to jump so maybe some grass or something on top of the finished asset (not sure what it will be) can be a good clue.  

A few bugs as well, when reaching the area were the camera snapped inside of the character and again had to restart but luckily a menu popped up finally. Regarding animation, I’d say the running feels a bit wide almost slightly stiff but nothing more than a nitpick I believe. 

The camera change was really awesome and I liked it, gave more perspective while playing. 

The area with the tree is rather empty but nonetheless, it’s so stunning and I fell in love with the lighting, the tree was really beautiful. But the portal area did not work? Not sure if that’s in this build yet or is a bug potentially, still this is good! Great job guys <3

Just a heads up, I got an error when trying to upgrade using the itch client. Uninstalled and tried to reinstall and got the same error in the client.

The error says:  An error occured during installation zip: unsupported compression algorhythm 

This error is presented when downloading from the app, we're working on a fix!


False Advertisement. It's a test game all throughout.


It states in development in the status.


The beauiful screenshots don't reflect the actual state of the game though. They suggest a rather developed state which surely isn't the case yet.


Arguably, this should be more prominent, but it is not your fault that itch.io requires a click on 'More information' to see the status. 

I think “Prototype” would be better than “In Development” in this case


I haven't try it yet (downloading now) but it's wonderfully inspired, keep up the good work.