A downloadable game for Windows


Welcome to Camp Champ - a hectic 2v2 capture the flag game with goofy combat and a 1930s art style. Will you emerge victorious and capture all the flags?


Couch Crew

Martin Bažlekov


Design: Zara Samaeva
Tech: Kitty Scheres
Art: Terézia Mičková

Suryani Dommershuijzen
Vasco Hooiveld
Paul Wetzel
Pepijn van Loon

Szymon Tydrych
Thijmen Bos
Gabriël Pouw

Stella Kalinova
Manouk Kennis
Mees Middelkoop

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CampChamp v0.4.zip 235 MB
CampChamp v0.4.1.zip 235 MB
CampChamp v0.4.2.zip 239 MB
CampChamp v0.5 Alpha.zip 256 MB
CampChamp v1.0.zip 270 MB
CampChamp v1.1.zip 309 MB

Install instructions

  1. Download the .zip folder
  2. Extract the folder
  3. Run the CampChamp.exe file

DISCLAIMER: You need 4 controllers to play the game

Having trouble with Controllers?

Try launching Camp Champ through Steam, this allows you to make use of Steam input for more reliable controller input.


Can't get 4 friends together in one room?

Why not try playing Camp Champ with your online friends by making use of Parsec? This service allows you to easily play Camp Champ and other couch-play games with your friends over the internet.


Development log


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Showcase level is in the final game? And the b button to go back doesn't work? Tsst.

Can't skip the intro's to the game? What is this, GTA San Andreas all over again?

Stuck at the options menu, can't change resolution, mouse gone, b button to go back doesn't work.

Finally pressed play after restarting 4 (!) times and found out it's a multiplayer game with no shared keyboard controls, meaning controller required. Dissapointed in terms of accessibility, and no warning up front about player count, and no way to change settings before setting up a party night of playing this with the BOIS. Rip.

Thanks for giving the game a try. You feedback is completely valid. This is short project where we ask students to make a proof of concept, rather than a round experience.

Check games from our students  on steam (all free as well), for more polished experiences: https://store.steampowered.com/search/?publisher=Breda%20University%20of%20Applied%20Sciences