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About the Game:

Candy Chaos is a vibrant action game which calls for swift reactions while fighting off legions of candy creatures at a dazzling difficulty. The protagonist is a nimble kid named Pip, his main objective is to escape this candy world by navigating through three different distinct stages and beating the groups of corrupted candy along his way.

About the Project:

Candy Chaos is a university project developed by 13 first-year BUAS students within a timeframe of 8 weeks - from conceptualization to release. The main goal was to choose a game first released between the years of 1980 and 1985. We were supposed to use such a game as our primary influence, retaining its core play dynamics, but modernizing both the game mechanics and the visual style to create a new overall experience. We chose Ghosts ‘n Goblins, which was a Run and Gun platformer.

- Xandra van Antwerpen 
- Jasper Klaus 
- Céline Vu 
- Kayleigh de Haan 

- Rodolfo Fava
- Willem Venema
- Darin de Vries
- Arjan Kuijpers

- Pepijn van Duijn 
- Dominick Langenberg 
- Nathan van den Berg
- Joris van Hamersveld 
- Floyd Krielaart


CandyChaos.rar 267 MB


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What a crazy game. It looks beautiful. The gameplay was smooth.But it is quite challenging.

Hey! First of all, Beautiful work on the graphics because they are stunning! The gameplay is pretty smooth too, and even thought you do die a lot, that makes the game challenging and I really liked it! Keep it up! 

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It's quiet, it's short, and you die a lot. On the bright side, it's made of candy, it's challenging, and you die a lot! Overall, Candy Chaos seems like a solid project, and I like the end result. It actually felt like I was running around in a diorama or toylike world of sweets. 

Good job, devs.

Thank you for your sweet reaction! :D

Very cute!!

Thank you! :)