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Prepare, Plan, Attack
To thrive in the wastelands, command your four bandits through a raid of an armed caravan in this turn-based stategy game!

- Set up an ambush and take control of the battlefield before the guards have time to respond
- Defeat your enemies through turn-based tactical combat
- Exploding cacti!

About the game:
Caravan Criminals is developed as a student project. We are currently expecting the game to be updated with a few more fixes and polishing touches and hope to implement some aditional content in the near future before finalizing it. To make improvements we are actively seeking out feedback from our players. Want to get involved? Use this link to give us your thoughts!

A game by
Jip Haas
Odysseas Tsiridis
Stefan Kwak

Jordan de Jong
Mike v/d Maas

Remco v/d Ven
David Marcu
Ruben Seij


Caravan Criminals 485 MB
Version 21 Jun 22, 2020


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Nice turn based tactics game!


Just finished playing, had fun! 

(1 edit) (+1)

Thank you for playing our game! Currently we still only have a single level, but that is because we have only been working on this for about 5-6 weeks. 

cant wait for more updates !