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Experience a first-person horror game in which you play as an urban explorer investigating the ruins of an abandoned bunker.

The bunker is an infamous place in the world of urban exploration, as it is well-known for the horrible human experiments rumoured to have happened there. It's finally time for you to find out whether all these rumours are true, as you first enter the bunker, camera in-hand.

While exploring, the ground suddenly collapses under your feet, and you wake up hours later, lost. Try and escape the bunker without getting noticed by the bloodthirsty monsters roaming these ruins. 

! Warning: Read Before Playing !

Exposure to certain patterns or backgrounds when playing this game may trigger epileptic seizures or blackouts in certain individuals. If you or anyone in your family has an epileptic condition or has had seizures of any kind, consult your physician before playing.

Awards (IGAD Y2 2020/2021):

Winner of Best Game Year 2

Winner of Best Art Year 2

2nd Place Best Design Year 2

2nd Place Best Audio Year 2



  • WASD to move 
  • Space to Jump and Vault over obstacles / Space x2 to mantle onto higher objects 
  • Shift to Sprint 
  • Ctrl or C to Crouch 


  • LMB or F to Interact with highlighted objects 
  • RMB to Turn On/Off the Camera 
  • Mouse Wheel to Switch between Camera Modes when Camera is turned on 
  • R to Reload Camera Battery 


  • Esc to open the Pause Menu



Hugo Bomberen || Jamie ten Hove || Rico Visscher

Sandrine le Comte || Lisa Hendriks


David van Dijk || Marn Schokker || Svetoslav Tsekov || 

Thijs de Haas || Veronica Redlaff || Viktor Kamburov


Reika Ikemizu


Xan Hisam || Antonio Minev || Daniël Stander || Maud Bakker || Yuli Ognyanov

Daan van de Ven || Silvijn de Vries || Tom Semeijn || Abigail Putri Simanjuntak


(Final) CaughtOnTape_v.2.0.2.zip 973 MB
CaughtOnTape_v.2.0.1.zip 984 MB
Version 2.0.1 Jun 29, 2021
CoT_PressKit.zip 19 MB

Install instructions

Download the .zip file, extract the folder within. When extracted, run CaughtOnTape.exe to play the game.

Please download CaughtOnTape_v.2.0.2.zip for the most recent version.

Development log


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I was about to lose hope..

you have been caught in 4k



Had me freaked at times!

Show post...



i cant change the quality in the game setting please fix this each time i press the arrow it doesnt let me select a diffrent quality 

Thank you for the feedback! We are working on this issue right now. You can expect a fix on this later today.


Second game from Breda that I've played. Seems like a really good University from these installments! Had a few bugs, the menu seemed unfinished and non-functional and when I died it seemed to just destroy the player controller altogether without taking you to the main menu or anything. I had to force quit twice and the second time it backed up my ram and It wouldn't completely close for a few minutes. Other than these bugs it was a genuinely scary experience with a lot of good mechanics. I loved the camera settings with thermal and night vision, the monster that got me twice gave me SOMA vibes (and that game scared me good!) and the general atmosphere and aesthetics worked perfectly together. I'd be really keen to see a more polished and bug free version of this! Good works guys!!

Thank you for the feedback, this will really help us improve our game further. We hope you enjoyed the overall experience!


I did! It has some really good atmosphere and the post processing is really well done! Keen to see a complete version!