A downloadable game for Windows

It's everybody's dream to be a kid in a candy factory. In cold candy you can make your dreams come true! Release your spirit animal to help solve puzzles and get candy!


PC ControlsXbox Controls
A & DLeft Analog Stick
JumpSPACE or WA or LB
Carry(hold) LMB(toggle) RT
AimMove MouseRight Analog Stick


Visual Artists:Designers:Programmers:
Olimpia di NellaMartin VetsinBoudewijn Witteveen
Anne TeunissenJip CrombagPepijn van Loon
Dani SpaargarenRick de HaanStan Vogels
Roselyn PayneVictor StanciuRalph Warrand

Music Credits:

Main Menu Music - Slottskogen Disc Golf Club by Wintergatan
Level Music -  Starmachine2000 by Wintergatan

Wintergatan's music & music license can be downloaded for free at https://wintergatan.net/


coldcandy-win.zip 144 MB
Version 17 Jul 18, 2021

Install instructions

  1. Press the Download Button
  2. Extract the Project from the Downloads Folder
  3. Open up the Extracted "coldcandy-win" Folder
  4. Open "Cold_Candy"


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I'm amazed how much content you guys made!
I played the first level, a little of the second and a little of the last to see how it progresses. Very impressive!

I played & recorded it, I was a little more critical than usual because I love puzzle game design. But I hope this is helpful ^^


my favorite part is flying over the map by dragging the bouncy block underneath me <3
jokes aside, good puzzle design, cute art style, nice job!


Very fun gameplay and lovely player character, nice job on the animations when they turn around. All I can say for improvements is that it could've possibly used another lighting pass, but thats getting to the nitpicky area, nice job!


stellar game! this made me so happy when I played it <3


I really like the concept. The level design around this game must be quite a challenge to design properly, so bravo! I did get stuck quite quickly, however. The introduction puzzle to the timer - I had no idea if I was just bad or I was missing a piece of information.


Hi, Yes we have a week left and some changes are being made. Next Friday there is going to be a new build. I think your refering to a puzzle where you have to throw the block up, correct? We are currently making a UI to show that right click is to throw. Thank you, for the feedback :)