Patch Notes DreamHack Build

Hey everyone!

We were invited to DreamHack 2018 this year for the Student Showcase! This build is the one showcased at the event.

For those who attended the event, thank you for joining us and trying out our game! Hopefully you will have as much fun as we did when showing you the game ;)

As usual, here is a list of updates relevant to this build.

Patch Notes:

  • Added an in-game options menu;
    • Yes, we heard you! We have an options menu when in-game. This should allow you to bind your keys, adjust your mouse sensitivity, adjust the volume, etc.!
    • We are aware of certain issues, which we will look into updating in the future. For now, see this as a work-in-progress.
  • Updated soundscape of the game;
    • We felt the audio of the game could be improved significantly. Audio is core feedback for the game and it was certainly lacking in some areas of the game. The improvements made was mostly done for gameplay purposes.
    • I would also like to take this moment to thank Son Thai Ngo for spending countless hours to improve the audio!
  • Added skins to weapons based on their rarity;
  • Improved UI element when receiving a weapon;

We hope you continue enjoying Da InVincible and keep racking up those boxes!

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Nov 22, 2018

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