A downloadable Da InVincible for Windows

Da InVincible is an arcade shooter set in an advanced 15th century era using Da Vinci technology!

In Da InVincible, the goal is to collect as many points as possible, which is done by collecting boxes. However, every time you collect a box, you will get a new weapon.

Are you able to collect the most points?


  • Move with WASD
  • Use Left Mouse Button to shoot
  • Jump/Double Jump using Space

Development Context

Da InVincible was an 8 week project created by a group of 16 IGAD students at the NHTV University of Applied Science.

The objective of the game was to create a First Person Shooter experience with inspiration drawn from games such as DOOM and Super Crate Box.

We have yet to make a decision whether we would want to continue development of the game, but we are confident this version of the game is the best way to experience Da InVincible!


Mike van den Broek - Game Designer, Producer, Quality Assurance - LinkedIn
Alec ten Brundel - Game Designer, Producer, Audio - LinkedIn

Dirk Blokker - Game Designer
Sander Aarts - Game Designer
Stefano de Petris - Game Designer
Son Thai Ngo - Audio
Jonne van Veen - Game Designer

Branko Dik - Game Designer, 3D Artist - LinkedIn - Website
Youri den Engelsman - 3D Artist
Jeroen Toma - 3D Artist
Gonzalo Andrés Gigosos Rico - 3D Artist
Samuli Kinnunen - 3D/2D Artist, Animation - LinkedIn
Mihnea Stoica - Technical Artist, Animation

Dyon Kreffer - AI Programmer
Dave Ruptash - Programmer
Simon van Vueren - Programmer
Max de Danschutter - Programmer

Rene Derks
Peter van Dranen
Breda University (formerly known as NHTV Breda)

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AuthorBreda University of Applied Sciences
TagsArcade, da-invincible, FPS


Build-DreamHack2018.zip 894 MB

Install instructions


The current download is Version 1.0.290618.1 (DreamHack Build)

  • Once downloaded, open the file with any zipping program;
  • Extract the files to your desktop;
  • Double click the "FPS.exe" to launch the game;

Known Issues

  • Animations for weapons are not synced up with the reload times;

Development log


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It was awesome meeting you guys (Stefano, Dave, and Max) at DreamHack this year. You all should be really proud of Da Invincible. DCD will be streaming it soon after the holidays. I wrote an article about you on our website!



This was pretty fun, I liked the way the weapons looked.

Any plans on adding support for rebinding keys? (editing a .ini file for instance would work fine)

Hi there!

Currently, we are discussing release on the Steam platform for free, which would include support for the Steam controller. However, currently, we do not have any concrete plans for button/key binding, but we are discussing it as part of the release for Steam. We will let you know as soon as possible in future updates. Thanks for playing!