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Play as Daisy, a young girl tasked with mending the stories in her grandfather's fairytale book. Enter a world where the stories of the brothers Grimm, Hans Christian Andersen and more are reality and solve puzzles to repair and progress the stories to their happy endings.

As you may have noticed, we have two builds available for play: the early access build and the most recent build- the early access build is the most stable version of the game, while the most recent build includes the newest assets and improvements but might be unstable.


  1. 3 playable levels: the bedroom, the forest and the castle.
  2. A total of 9 puzzles based on the story of Beauty and the Beast.
  3. Roughly 15 minutes worth of playable content.

Known Issues

- When playing the game for the first time select NEW GAME, or it won't load anything. DO NOT select continue on your first playthrough. (Game Breaking)
-"Quit" button on starting page with the closed book doesn't work. 
-Not all dialogue is skippable.
-After having finished the game, instead of returning to the main menu you spawn into the final level of the game with all items. 


Fairytale Fix-Up is a student project at Breda University of Applied Sciences (BUas for short). The game was developed over the course of three blocks, or seven months by second year students. The production phase development team is comprised of 16 students

Jesse Hoogerman
Thomas Cijsouw

Daan Lötgerink (UI/UX/Gameplay Design/Concept Artist)
Víctor Gonzalez (Audio/Narrative)
Jesse Hoogerman (Gameplay Design)
Amber Holtrop (Level Design) (Lead)
Thomas Cijsouw (Level Design)

Dóra Gavlo (Gameplay Programming)
Thijs Bouwhuis (Gameplay Programming) (Lead)
Kyle Michiels (System Engineering)
Sander Lemmen (AI Programming)

Visual Arts
Aya Nikolova (VFX/Environment)
Marta de Carvalho Ribeiro (Environment/VFX)
Martin Knedla (Environment)
Joshua de Jonge (Character Art/UI)
Lizzy Wilmer (Animation)
Eva van Creij (Rigging/Animation) (Lead)
Samuel Habekotté (VFX/Rigging)
Geertje Eeftink (Pre-production) (Character Art)
Ardian Vrijenhoek (Pre-production) (Character Art)


Release v1.4
EarlyAccess v1.1 981 MB
EarlyAccess v1.0 867 MB
Early Access Guide 998 kB

Install instructions

After downloading and running the Fairytale Fix-Up executable, make sure to not press 'Continue' and to instead press 'New Game'.

Development log


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Hi team Blanket, greetings from Venezuela, I hope to download this game as soon as posible to play it... keep up the good work

Hi TeamBlanket! I just played v1.2, but got stuck:

- The framerate drops once I create the path and the forest starts burning.

- I managed to create the bucket and fill it with water in the well. Then, a the message "Press E to pick the item" stayed on screen.

- I tried evertyghing, but the character wouldn't move. Finally, the mouse pointer also dissappeared and I got stuck, without being able to perform any action.

I played in windowed mode, in High resolution, on a Surface Book 2.

Hope it helps figuring out what happened!

Hi TeamBlanket! I played the most recent build yesterday and these are the notes I took while playing:

* I really love the story, ambiance, and visuals of the game at first glance. 

* Main character was clothesless. 

* It would be nice for the story if NPC characters have a name.

* After I picked an item, the character repeats a while the picking action.

* It would be more practical if I can skip the dialogs with ESC. Since, I talked with NPC by mistake a few times and I couldn't escape from it with ESC. Also, sentences are overflowing from the dialog box and they are very slowly written.

Keep going! I'm truly feeling that this game will be very cool when it is completed.

hi guys, I played the most recent build yesterday. here's my thoughts:

- main menu looks great. that art is very fitting for the style. loading screen gets me in the mood and conveys the theme well.
- the room I start in looks quite nice. character is untextured and unclothed (placeholder). lighting is good.

- the place where I place the book looks like something I can pick up instead of an empty space where I drop the book. maybe a dotted line would make more sense?

- the UI is hopelessly confusing and one of the main issues here. I seem to be having two inventories, one to the side and one under I. I don't understand anything about the visuals of them because they're in a placeholder state currently. what's the difference? where do items go when I pick them up? 

- the transition to the forest only became clear through dialogue. this is a shame because if I were to have clicked through I wouldn't have realised I was now teleported into the book.

- forest looks pretty OK. from the screenshots, the rest of the environment does too. the flames are a little strange because they're cards, and I could nitpick the path as there are some resolution issues and it could just use a layer of polish in general.

- the putting together of the well was just broken so I couldn't continue. apparently I first need the wood and then the bucket? but the bucket just kept sticking and the wood didn't seem to interact with the frame at all. this is why I couldn't continue to the rest of the game.

- PLEASE set ESC to 'exit popup' instead of 'return to main menu and restart section of game'. it was very frustrating.
thanks guys! hope you can work some of this out before the deadline. overall, interesting theme, looks like it could be fun but unfortunately broke for me before I could really play most of it.


When I started the game, I first went to the settings to look at the keybinds, because I didn't know how to use the buttons in the inventory (it would deserve an explanation)

I believe that the dialogues are great, unfortunately I never had the opportunity to see them all, as they continued outside the text box

It would be nice to add a setting to turn off motionblur, the fps were lowest in the part with the forest by the fire and the image was sometimes grainy. :D 

I went through the whole game in about 15-20 minutes, but I would have been able to do it sooner If there was not ESC, which brought me back to the beginning of the level. But that's not big deal, after a while I got used to it

Visually, the game is very good, and I believe that when it is finished, it will be very nice. <3

I really liked the idea of puzzles associated with crafting !

Hi Aktapol! 

Thanks for the feedback, we've taken it to heart and will look at what we can do to solve these problems. I'm happy to say that we've fixed the issue you described with the fire in the mean time. The issue of returning to the main menu with the escape button has also been taken into account and we're looking into addressing that right now. Thank you for playing!


Fairytale Fix-Up Developer


-at starting loading screen, there isn't any note about keybinds for sprint and shift, eventhough it is in the game

-also nothing about tab (which also opens inventory, just like i)

-framerate while turning around is terrible

-I weren't able to skip some of the dialogues with enter...yes I know, lore is important, but I kinda missed whole plot, because of the text, which was on my wall next to my screen, unfortunately

-it's really hard to recognize who is talking

-it took me some time to realize what the 2nd and 3rd icon in inventory work for

-I jumped on table in kitchen and got stuck..had to restard the level

-ESC -> quitting the level! I had to play castle level 3 times because of this. You usually quit inventory when you click escape, not almost finished level.

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Hi Filip! Thanks for playing and more importantly, thank you for the feedback! We've noted your feedback and will start on fixes right away if we aren't addressing them already. 


Developer on Fairytale Fix-Up

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Can you please provide a list of known issues?

And workarounds for those issues?