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Kairos is currently on version (0.6)


Kairos is a top-down 3D roguelike, with added elements of strategy.

The player controls a mysterious hooded figure wielding crystals as weapons.

Spawn with a different set of crystals each time, and upgrade them to customize your playstyle! 

Every room has a setup phase in which players can prepare for battle by strategically placing barrels to hinder or destroy enemies.

The goal is to get as deep into the dungeon as possible, upgrading weapons and fighting monsters along the way.


  • Procedurally  Generated  Dungeon
  • Setup Phase
  • 6 Unique Weapons
  • Shop to Upgrade Weapons 
  • 3 Different Enemy Types
  • Infinite Progression


  • Designers:
    • Andrei Olenic
    • Tim Raaijmakers
    • Tim van Poppel
    • Rob Maas
  • Artists:
    • Alicia Heredia
    • Konstantina Kostova
    • Viktor Kamburov
    • Simeon Lafazanov
  • Programmers:
    • Marten Hillhorst
    • Tom Lemmers
    • Angel Dimitkovski

Crystal Cave image: Credits to deviantart user: Karbo


kairos-windows-beta.zip 218 MB
Version 6 Jul 01, 2020

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