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The Game

MA ĐÓI is a 2D Auto Runner Action Platformer in which the player is given the ability of gravity manipulation on a global scale making certain objects float up and sink down.  All while the player jumps and punches through various obstacles and explores the multiple paths of the levels leading them towards the end goal.

Extra Notes

MA ĐÓI has been made for non-commercial/educational use and is using completely custom technology and art made from scratch. The was game was made in 6 weeks by 17 developers coming from various disciplines.

This technology/framework is named IGArt, and has been made made in 12~16 weeks by 10 programmers. With this technology we were focusing on multi-platform development. It featured; An Entity Component Core, DX12 Rendering,  Spline Tool, Spine Animation Loading, Behaviour Trees, and a built-in editor. Showcase

Both the technology and the game are definitely not free of bugs/issues, so please keep that in mind.

Engine credits

Jens HagenEngine Programmer
Meine ZeinstraEngine/Tools Programmer
Channing EggersArtifical Intelligence/Tools/Generalist Programmer
Ben LandorEngine Programmer
Florian SchutDedicated PS Vita Graphics Programmer
Geert CocuTools Programmer
Kit van de BuntTools/Graphics Programmer

Copyright (C) Y1718 Y2.D Team 2 (2D Platformer) - All Rights Reserved


MaDoiGame.zip 56 MB

Install instructions

  1. Download the ZIP file and extract it.
  2. Make sure you have read the controls either on this page or in the README file.
  3. Open up the Game.exe file.
  4. Enjoy the game!
  5. When done playing, we appreciate it if you could leave us some feedback in the comments down below.


The game will at the Splash Screen. If press "X",  you will be send to the first level.

Whenever you have finished a level, you will be prompted to either continue to the next level or to reset the current level.

There are three levels made in this build of the game.


NOTE #1: Due to how the game is setup, there is no support for for any Keyboard Input. We strongly advise you to play with a controller.

Note #2: The game was made with having a dual shock layout in mind. That is the reason why button instructions inside of the levels are for dual shock only. 

Dualshock Layout: (Third Party Drivers will be required)

  • Jump - Cross
  • Kick - Square
  • Raise Objects - R1 (Right Shoulder Button)
  • Lower Objects - L1 (Left Shoulder Button)
  • Start/Select: 
    • Start (When prompted, continuous you to the next level.)
    • Select (Restarts the current level.)
      • DS3:
        • Select - Select
        • Start - Start
      • DS4: 
        • Select - Share
        • Start - Options

XBOX Layout:

  • Jump - A
  • Kick - X
  • Raise Objects - R1 (Right Shoulder Button)
  • Lower Objects - L1 (Left Shoulder Button)
  • Start/Select:
    • Start (When prompted, continuous you to the next level.)
    • Select (Restarts the current level.)
      • Select - Change View / Back Button
      • Start - Menu / Start Button

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