Release notes V1.2.0

Hello everyone!

We want to update you on the build's progress.  We did some bugfixes for this build, hope you enjoy

Big changes

  • A new gate puzzle has been added.
  • Added more platforming gameplay

Updated content

  • Added a basic inventory system with pickup items
  • Added Footstep sounds.
  • Updated player HUD.
  • Added Particle FX for interactable items.
  • Updated Interaction UI, It can now switch between keyboard and controller buttons.
  • Places, where you are not supposed to go, are now blocked off


  • Game now ends and loads the main menu.
  • Multiple performance fixes.
  • Interaction UI now shows correctly in game.

Known issues/bugs

  • Controller support in the menu is still not in a presentable state
  • The monster can clip through the environment.

Until next time, drowned ones!


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Jun 28, 2023

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