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Mielikki is a small project made by a 8 man group of first year students at Breda University of Applied Science with 6 weeks of development time.

This planet  is dying....my obligation is to rescue them all before its too late.
Explore, Capture, Fight and Purify......all for the sake of this dying planet....

Mielikki is a third-person exploration platformer where u play as the heroic alien intelligent life form, the goddess of nature Mielikki.

Your goal will be to save as many lifeforms of the planet as possible but the planet is slowly decaying and there is not much time left!

But with the animals turning corrupted due tot the decaying world  and the challenging environment that you have to navigate through, to find all these animals who are in need of saving will be big task for the time you have.

Important note: When pressing ''Start Game'' the game will take quite some time to load the level

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
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AuthorBreda University of Applied Sciences
Tags3D, 3D Platformer, Singleplayer


Mielikki-WindowsBuild.zip 2 GB
Version 8 Jun 25, 2020


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Love the artwork and environment! The beam needs more work, it kept breaking up for me (maybe automatically rotate the player towards the entity?). Dash mechanic feels akward and out of place. Overall the game is very relaxing to play, it just need a bit more polish to it.

for a small project this is a good start ofcourse some bugs but nothing game breaking if u play the game the way its intended its actually fun to play around with the speedy mechanics :D

some minor add ons in the future would help it and maybe the art work in the Begin & credit page need some refreshing but afterall a very good project