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"Mt. Apricot is facing its greatest challenge yet!

As mysterious goo is taking hold of the entire floating archipelago, it's up to our hero, Blueberry, to cleanse his home from the hazardous corruption"


  • Play as Blueberry, an owl capable of jumping, double-jumping and gliding his way across his corrupted home!
  • Parkour your way on top of corrupted, pink objects to cleanse them of corruption and fill your cleanse bar!
  • Cleanse enough to open the area's gate and continue to the next floating island of Mt. Apricot!
  • Watch out: purple, spiky corruption is too dense to cleanse and will hurt you when you touch it!
  • Beams shoot out from cleansable corruption. Watch the sky for any corruption you've missed!
  • Cleanse 100% of the corruption and watch the island restore itself to its former glory!


  • Design & Production
    Maud Bakker
    Roel Jansen
    Beyza Öpöz
  • Programmers 
    Diana Calistru
    Tristan Poiesz
  • Visual Artists
    Charlot Hagenaars
    Hanne Hammarstrøm
    Lyubomira Petrova
    Isa Weijers
  • Audio design
    Jordi van der Hulst

First-year student project. 
International Game Architecture and Design at Breda University of Applied Sciences.

🏆IGAD game Awards🏆

Year 1 best game - students pick
Year 1 best art
Year 1 best audio


Mt. Apricot 1.1.zip 579 MB

Install instructions

1. Download the .zip file
2. Unzip the File in a folder of your choice (Empty folder recommended)
3. Run the Mt_Apricot.Exe
4. Enjoy the game! :)


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The game looks and feels right. There are some minor graphical issues when trying to look with your camera at certain angles. I would like a better indication of what corruption you can remove, at a certain point I spend about a solid couple of minutes retracing through the level because I was just that one bit short. I encountered two bugs near th 75% corruption mark. The last Island before the end cinematic. At a certain point you can jump off the map and walk underneath it. The other bug was that I wasn't able to glide or jump anymore untill I killed myself on the corruption.

But overall a good game.

Thank you very much for your feedback! We'll try to look into this as soon as possible. 


Great birb game

Thank you for playing our birb game!

(5 edits)

I was able to pass all the corrupted gates without removing the required amount of curruption by misusing the doublejump and fly mechanics. First gate I passed by squeezing myself through a hole on the right side of the gate, second gate I passed by misusing double jumping, third gate I rode the stone platforms until the end and flew onto the gate. I was just able to get past the gate by spamming double jump when I intersected with the corruption on the gate.

I had fun playing this game, but I started speedrunning it once I found out there were no boundaries/killvolumes set and after that I didn't feel like cleaning all the corruption in every region of the map.

I wish you guys luck and I will pick up this game next week again.

Thank you for playing and your feedback! We'll try to fix this for our next update.