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The game looks and feels right. There are some minor graphical issues when trying to look with your camera at certain angles. I would like a better indication of what corruption you can remove, at a certain point I spend about a solid couple of minutes retracing through the level because I was just that one bit short. I encountered two bugs near th 75% corruption mark. The last Island before the end cinematic. At a certain point you can jump off the map and walk underneath it. The other bug was that I wasn't able to glide or jump anymore untill I killed myself on the corruption.

But overall a good game.

Thank you very much for your feedback! We'll try to look into this as soon as possible. 


Great birb game

Thank you for playing our birb game!

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I was able to pass all the corrupted gates without removing the required amount of curruption by misusing the doublejump and fly mechanics. First gate I passed by squeezing myself through a hole on the right side of the gate, second gate I passed by misusing double jumping, third gate I rode the stone platforms until the end and flew onto the gate. I was just able to get past the gate by spamming double jump when I intersected with the corruption on the gate.

I had fun playing this game, but I started speedrunning it once I found out there were no boundaries/killvolumes set and after that I didn't feel like cleaning all the corruption in every region of the map.

I wish you guys luck and I will pick up this game next week again.

Thank you for playing and your feedback! We'll try to fix this for our next update.