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“Ricotta Get Going!is a slow-paced game that encourages the player to carefully explore the environment, challenging them to take calculated risks through encounters with Cameras, Puzzles, and Patrolling Enemies.

The main character, Ched, has been kidnapped by the evil rats in Dunder Micelin, who planned to feed him to Michael the Rat Boss. Sneaking around cameras and past patrolling rats, Ched must find his way through a maze of doors. His goal is to find the elevator to take him up level by level, eventually making his way back home to the moon made of cheese! 

Made by:
Mima Eindhoven
Sophie Dapperens
Fleur Jansen
Ethan Boyd
Will Okolo
Furkan Alkan

Additional credits:
Visual Art - Mima Eindhoven & Ethan Boyd
Character Animation - Alan Jack
Background Music - Mattia Copelli & Kevin MacLeod
Additional Background Music - Fesliyan Studio
Sound Effects - Zapsplat


Y1 - Ricotta Get Going 308 MB
Version 34 Apr 22, 2021

Install instructions

How do I install the game?

  1. Click the download button under the "Download" header
  2. Unzip the files on your computer
  3. Launch the executable file
  4. Have fun! 

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I honestly didn't realise you'd credited me with the character animation on this until I Google'd "Alan Jack itch.io" because I couldn't remember my own username.

Technically, this makes this my most recent game credit, and I couldn't be more proud to be attached to an awesome project! :D


Good stuff!
The environment and the level design around the features are really good.