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Robot Wipeout is a 3rd person beat-em-up game(show) where you fight against hordes of nasty bots and dodge deadly hazards, all for the entertainment of the gullible public. Smack your way up to the top, where Buff Marley, Heal Armstrong, Steve Knocks a.k.a The Bosses, are waiting for you to give them a beating!

Fight through a variety of challenging stages and become the ultimate Wipeout champion!

...at least until the next instalment of the show.


QWERTY Keyboard:

>> Programming
Diana Calistru || Brian de Lange

>> Design
Jarno Fleurkens || Rob Maas || Tim van Poppel || Sem Lefering || Ravinesh Bhoep || Andrea Bonetti || Lisa van Beurden || Filip Shutov || Emma Kovaleva || Marc Dijkhuizen || Kevin Schwartz

>> Visual Arts
Alexandar Dushkov || Owen Pieternella || Konstantina Kostova || Twan van Uffelen || Alex Smith || Ruben Seij || Gabriela Braams || Manon Tamerus

>> Special Thanks
Elora Pavlova || Xavier ten Hove || Milan de Laet || Jan-Mathijs Caris || Viktor Kaburov || Anastasiya Fedaseyeva || Daniël Stander || Samuel Habekotte

All VFXes used in this game are adjusted versions of the Hack And Slash FX (by pelengami) from the UE4 Marketplace.

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This game is made by Year 2 students.


Robot Wipeout 430 MB
Version 1.13 Jul 08, 2021
Robot Wipeout Presskit.rar 44 MB
Readme.txt 4 kB

Install instructions

Download the zip file, extract the folder within. When extracted, run RobotWipeoutBlockD.exe to play the game.


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10/10 - IGN

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