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In "Rollin' It" you try to save as many Inuits as  fast possible out of the snow globes and get the highest score!


Meet the Team:

Visual ArtistsDesignersProgrammers
Lukáš GalloViktorija DoļaSava Terzeesky
Marea GospicVasco HooiveldJesper Sips
Julian BlomsmaPéter NyilasTycho Charko
Ana PusiankovaSuryani DommershuijzenJannes Kuipers
Edea KontioDavid Lammers

Extra info:

In this game you can test your physics and gaming skills (control the environment instead of a character), get through fun challenges, compete with friends, get into leader board and last but not least - enjoy the beautiful world we created for you inside the snow globe! Have fun!

Rollin ‘it is a student project made by 14 first-year BUAS Games students. We randomly got two settings for this project and had to make a game from them. For us, this was an Inuit and Space-Age city.

Make sure to download the latest build! We will ensure that as many versions of our game will remain downloadable.

Latest feedback formhttps://forms.office.com/r/nbM3A3FJKm

Feedback from Beta build: https://forms.office.com/r/kHM7FxxHRn

Feedback form Tech Demo & 3C's build: https://forms.office.com/r/2nvbFn0FFW



When you fill in your username in the settings menu your score will be posted to a database to compare it with the rest of the world! 
(You can check the leaderboard screen for the statistics) 
If you would not like to send/share any of your scores DON'T fill in a username and leave the field empty.

The data is not used for anything other than keeping track of your rank on the leaderboard!


Rollinit-Showcase-Win.zip 457 MB

Install instructions

1. Download our zip file

2. Right-click the zip file and select "Extract Here" (You might need to install unzipping software such as 7-zip or Peazip to unpack) 

3. Locate the .exe, and double-click it. 

4. Enjoy our game!


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Hi, character has no animation. It was not clear if should be hitting those little snow guys or dodge them. I see a lot of improvement on the movement and levels. It can still be a little annoying to get the camera at the right angle. 

The game looks pretty. The timer is not very visible and not clear how it effects the score. There is not a lot of pressure to finish at all. The booster pats are not very clear. The gust of air are very unclear and also very strong! (they killed me a lot). The precise movement challenges are impossible to (it would have been nice if left and right movement was easier, I don't mind the back and forward being the way it is.

hey, I played your first level, it was fun, but it all got over in 15-20 seconds.. when do I get to see more awesome content ? the hype is killin me :)

We just pushed a new version, with a bunch more stuff in it, Hope you enjoy!

Hi, I enjoyed playing your game, but I struggled with the camera, it never angled the way I wanted to. The boost-pad was not very clear.

Thank you very much! :)