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Parallel is a futuristic racing game that takes place on a distant planet where a local mining colony extracts ore. Show off your racing skills with our unique double thruster controls. 

But watch out!

The rare ore's volatile nature caused a unique phenomenon and rifts in time started to appear.  Passing through one of these rifts will send you to another timeline - use this to your advantage to sneak up on your opponents and stop players behind you from taking advantage of your slipstream.


  • 3 unique maps to master and explore
  • 3  unique vehicles to fit your play-style
  • Double thruster control scheme
  • Use portals to travel to a different timeline and outplay your opponents

Notes from the team:

Hello everyone, we are a second year student game from Breda University of Applied Sciences in The Netherlands.

We would love to hear about all your experiences, so we can can make improvements to the game based off of your feedback!

How to play



  • [A]  Control left engine
  • [D] Control right engine
  • [LEFT SHIFT] Boost
  • [SPACE] Break
  • [P] Pause the game
  • [R] Respawn to the last checkpoint


runningoutontime-win-64.zip 2 GB
Version 1.0.100 Jul 02, 2020

Install instructions

Download and Install instructions:

  1. Download the zip file
  2. Extract the zip file
  3. Open runningoutontime.exe to run the game

Development log


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I hope for airplane pilots they don't have to control the left and right jetengine manually ;P

The environment and the sound is fantastic! I will recommend you 2 things to make it better.
A easy version mode where you can play with one botton that acelerates and one to go to the rigth and one to go to the left.
A hard version mode where the controls are exactly as you have now.
The second thing i recommend is a splitscreen or multiplayer mode.
Overal excelent game! Hope you continue with this project.

Really incredible achievement! I loved games like F-Zero growing up. The controlls are really unique and the art is amazing. Great job guys!

Nice game, unique aspect with the thrust on both triggers of the controller. Something that takes some time to master but can be fun. 

The onboarding is a bit rough, my first game took about 8 minutes with 3 rounds. (obviously I came last xD).
On my second game I flew off the map and managed to go through some rocks, flip over and get stuck in the level. Maybe a menu option to reset would also be nice as I didnt know about the controller key.  https://i.imgur.com/oTisQaK.jpg

Overal nice game. Maybe playing with friends would be a great addition.

I've played the game for a while and love that this game is trying something new with the tank controls; though I'm not liking it that much. The environments and audio look the part and work well together with the general feel of the game. The game looks polished in most parts. Level Design works great in most cases as well. 

Some feedback points: 

  1. When you drive into a triangle portal, it is sometimes unclear what the path will look like and for some of those, it feels unfair if within one second you need to steer another way. 
  2. You can get under the level in some instances, breaks immersion. You do die within a second after seeing it though. 
  3. How the controls work now, the momentum when steering feels to disappear in big corners. Maybe I'm not good enough, but I saw it happen a lot in my play through. 
  4. No 1440p resolution :( 

Other than that, good work!

I haven't played the game yet but I'm impressed by what I can see. It's clear that the skill/experience level at IGAD has risen tremendously. I'll see whether I actually get around to playing it one of these days and provide you guys with some feedback.

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Thank you, we appreciate your interest.

Does this game support keyboard?

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Yes! I will try and put together a control scheme for the keyboard soon. Expect it on our page tomorrow!

wheres video?

There's a trailer coming in at the end of the day, thank you for your interest!

The video is now available on our itch page!

Reminds me a lot of the Star Wars pod racing arcade game. 

Is it possible to have braking be bound to each of the bumpers? Brake for each engine to allow sharper turning? Could allow you to fine tune the controls a bit more too.

Valid ideas, thank you for your feedback

Really not a fan of the controls. The level designs look really good though

Sorry to hear you didn't enjoy the controls, they are indeed an acquired taste.
We're improving the controls weekly, we hope you'll give them another chance in the future. Thanks for your feedback!

I played the game, it is quite fun! Tank controls in a racing game are something new.

My experience/feedback

- sound of moving back and forth through the menu is quite loud - Thrusters make an anoying noise. - The camera could perhaps move with the right analog stick (to see next to yourself or behind) - Other racers are hard to see, especially with snow falling. - Perhaps a easy/casual mode where the sides are more bouncy, so that you are not stopped that often when you crash at a shallow angle

 + changing map + left&right controls 

Thank you for your feedback!

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Hi!, Thanks for viewing our work.

If you have a moment please leave a comment on your experiences, so we may improve our project.