A downloadable game for Windows

The goal:

Steam Bump is an online multiplayer game in which you control a flying machine with the goal to reduce your opponents health to zero by bonking them into walls to destroy their drone. The player with the most points after 5 rounds wins the match!

Your equipped with 2 abilities: A quick multidirectional dash and a hook.
You need to use that hook to hit your enemies, propell yourself towards them and bonk them into a wall to damage them, but be cautious, when you miss your shot you will be stunned and your opponents can counter attack. 

Round System:

Each match is split up into 5 rounds. A round is over whenever only one player is left alive. Then each player is awarded points based on the order they died in. At the end of round 5 the player with the most points wins. If there is a tie between multiple players, these player will fight it out in a final tie breaker round.



Olivier Candel
Niels van der Marel
Deyan Mohamed

Visual Arts:

Dayana Kotseva
Julian Raaijmakers
Niels Voskens

Design & Production:

Ariënne van Ee
Jarno Fleurkens
Sven Leitsch


steam-bump-windows-beta.zip 399 MB
Version 18 Jul 02, 2020


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had fun playing the multiplayer.. didn't know whether I lost or won, so will take it as I won :)