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The Game

Super Circus Fruit Show is a chaotic fun platformer about a little Papaya mime trying to escape from the Circus. 

All the circus performers have been turned into fruits by the evil ringmaster and are forced through gauntlets to entertain the crowd.

Tilt the level and make the performers struggle. Experience wacky physics, tumbling through obstacle courses with variable hazards in order to get the highest score!




Emanuele Ardolino

Maksim Blagoev  

Sophie Dapperens

Ozan Somak

Sebastiano Zezza


Tsanko Hristov

Wouter Hunter

Jitse ten Hove

Luc van Dijk

Visual Artists

Kai Derzbach

Lisette van den Dolder

Maze Pressler

Martien Rurenga

Emil Voychev


Martien Rurenga

Special Thanks

Paul Ambrosiussen

Brian Beuken

Jacco Bikker

Abhishek Biswas

 Shane Breedveld

Daniel Garcia

Phil de Groot

David Jones

Neville Marcinkowski

Steve Morris

Radu Teodosescu

Dana van der Wal

Justin van Oort

Martin Walker

Remco Willemsen

David Wessman

All the people that playtest our game and gave us feedback!

* Disclaimer *

If you have epilepsy or get motion sickness very easily, we strongly recommend that you don't play this game.

If you start to feel sick, please take a rest! 


2122-y1d-team-8-win.zip 748 MB
Version Release1.0.4 Jul 07, 2022

Install instructions

 Download the latest .zip file.

  1.  Right click the .zip file and choose "Unpack Here".
  2. Find the .exe file within the newly created folder and click on it.
  3.  Enjoy the Game.

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Hi, main menu (bit laggy) is very fancy!

 small bug: in fire rings I can jump (it resets the jump). For the rest: controls feel great and I feel in control, turning can be awkward. Wish the maps where longer so I could get more speed and face a challenge with that. I got a bit lost on the second level, I think I got stuck in the floor at the end. The fire hole is fake :O.

If I was a papaya I would for sure join your circus!  

Thanks for playtest! These indications are very useful for making final improvements. 

Good intro .. transition timing also seem fine! don't forget to add BUas logo & UE5 & other software that help make the game. Maybe allow skip after 1-2 secs on each screen.

Menu - looks great. Maybe the default first selected options should get you directly to the level you want the user to play. The camera movements looks okay, maybe speed up the transitions. There needs to be a lighting pass. the selected option can be lit up more I feel... can there be bulbs behind the texts which light up? I am playing with mouse and keyboard, and there is no use of mouse in menu? the arrow keys also not used ? overall, the menu looks and works great, I don't think you need to work on this any further other than fixing minor accessibility issues for your vertical slice.

Level 1 - the rollers coming toward the character seems to be introduced to early. the difficulty curve needs to be adjusted if this level is what you guys intend to work on. Maybe introduce the challenging abilities one by one.. eg: only tilt left or right for the first phase, then tilt forward .. maybe add some net at the edges in the level start to fail safely. I could go through the small gap between the bumbers and fall, intended ?

3C - control seem doable, character too small in screen space? camera needs to auto adjust for comfort in certain contexts. Maybe give a free camera frustrum zone behind the character to move the camera around, and lock the camera at the edge of the zone to avoid camera go through objects. 

Gameplay - fun to explore around and I had a great "adventurous" kind of an experience. the gameplay objects seems functional (some collision issues) . The size of the objects seems too huge compared to character.. maybe the form could be improved and be more creatively designed with the art team taking calls for these ?

Overall, there needs to be a full implementation of signs and feedback for the player using a lot of particles, sound, effects etc. Also some dynamic lighting is very important for signs to guide the player. Same for audio - cloud cheering on an awesome move is all I am playing this game for.

Good job guys! Looking forward to play the vertical slice next up, my suggestion will be to work on only 1 level, and get it to next to perfect fun experience than having 5 LD challenging tasks to do.