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For me this game turned out to be absolutely unplayable.

The game randomly freezes for 1...2 seconds and because of this it is simply impossible to play.
In addition, the game automatically starts in VR mode. As I understand it, you need to disable VR in the project.

The game is ok and i made 2 screenshots :D


Hey so I played for a few minutes and would like to share my experience.

- Could not repeat tutorial information (was shown just once)
- It's difficult to spawn a rock and then once jumped in spawn another rock to jump on. 
- Tutorial should be more interactive rather than just dropping a UI message use Q and then R, thought it was with mouse clic

-When passing the big temple and walking up on the dirt, there is a wall that makes you feel you can't pass (but hey you can pass through) of course it feels that it should be a bug from the developer rather than part of a puzzle...

There are still things to polish regarding to UX but not bad