A downloadable game for Windows

Uprooted is a slow-paced puzzle platformer where you use the foolish enemies to your advantage and save your friend!


During the Atomic Space period in the 1950s, a nuclear experiment went wrong, resulting in mutation between humans, vegetables and fruits. The humans have turned into food mutants, resulting in the most dangerous threat humanity has encountered.

🎮Your mission

One good thing is that the mutants are not that smart, so you can use them to your advantage. It is your mission to escape the monsters and free your friend who has been captured by the evil fruits!



🎈 Visual Arts 🎈

Max van der Plas

Nathalie Stuit

Renee Rozemeijer

Viktória Čižíkova   

📙 Design & Production 📙

Sophie Dapperens

Radu Nenu

Marly Slavenburg

Olivier Mulder

Maksim Major

💻 Programming 💻

Melvin Rother

Stefan Claasse

Jonathan van der Heide

Lucas Zebeda

Install Instructions

Click on the Download button

Unarchive the game files into a folder

Double-click on Uprooted.exe

✨You're done, have fun!✨


Uprooted! 182 MB
Version 9 Jul 03, 2021


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Awesome job :) 

Nicely designed, small but great experience.
Honestly the only bit of feedback I have is that the colliders of the enemies are not super clear, and the impact from getting hit is lacking.

That's about the only thing though, I had fun ^^
Made a little recording of my playthrough, hope it's useful.


Thank you for playing our game and thank you for the video, we're glad you enjoyed it.


Thanks for the feedback and the video