Patch Notes - V0.6.1 (Version 33)

Patch notes for V0.6.1

In this patch we focused on removing bugs from the game along with adding some new animations and better onboarding of some features in the game.

Added in V0.6.1

  • A firefly companion following you around.
  • Player animations for holding the torch in the Mines.
  • Reworked the lighting adding more vibrant colors.
  • More smaller tweaks to make the levels more interesting.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed player being stuck upstairs in the house.
  • Interactions are smoother now.
  • Many small adjustments and fixes.

What's next?
As we continue working on the project we'll improve the narrative and make sure the it all ties together, including a more satisfying end to the adventure. We'll be reworking on some of the puzzles to make them more intuitive as we also continue removing bugs from the game. The old-man also will get a more important role.

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Version 33 Jul 01, 2020

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