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Wuzzpoppin is a third person arena survival shooter, where you have to get through 10 waves of puppets to beat the game The game is set in a world where monsters watch humans perform in a circus for their entertainment. These humans are brainwashed by the monsters, however, you are the only exception. Your purpose is to free the humans from the spell that the ringmaster put upon them by feeding them the best antidote of all: popcorn! Can you pop your way out while keeping a crowd full of monster entertained?

About the Project

WUZZPOPPIN’ is a first year project developed by BUAS students. The group consists of fourteen students, which consists of three programmers, six visual artists and five designers. We hope you’ll enjoy playing our game.


Our team:

Visual Artists ProgrammersDesign & Production
Tom van der Veeken Sam Boots Elsie van Bers
Rosanne Grootjes Cass van den Bos Matteo Ugrote
Kim Trouwborst Slava Takrovskij Melina Martinez
Dries Lonsain Davy Baak
Saskia Janssen Radu Tandarica
Sasja Bradic


wuzzpoppin-win.zip 354 MB
Version 9 Jul 08, 2021


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I sadly didn't really understand what was going on. The humans grabbed me and I had no idea how to get them off of me. Also, I would love it if the audience would directly interact with the player, such as boo-ing and clapping based on performance and maybe if the player is really bad, they throw tomatoes or something. Not sure if you've got any of that implemented or not because I could barely progress :<


ahh that's a shame, we've since added a tutorial that shows the player how to melee enemies off. Also, there should be (even at the time you played) audio feedback from the crowd, cheering or booing depending on the state of the excitement bar. They now also bounce when happy, and have VFX for both cheering and booing.
Hope you will give the game another try and have a better experience :)