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How were the pyramids built? Why, aliens of course. The sons of Horus promised prosperity and freedom but brought humanity to ruin and enslavement with their alien technology. You’re the last soul to have your own mind. Wake from your ancient, decrepit tomb and use the power of your soul to outsmart and take control of enemy robots to escape from the depths in this action-packed top-down shooter.

Design & ProductionVisual ArtProgramming
Ido PelserRoshant ElvinQuinn McGregor Paterson
Mathias LarsenWeronika BączkowskaGabriël Pouw
Jénilson Martins da SilvaCatinca MateiAfonso Filhó da Fonseca
Pawel TrajdosStan VersteegKevin Otten
Alberto SartiniJose Luis Pellegrino Canora

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The triangle that illustrates the rock-paper-scissors relationship between the enemy types allows you to possess the green enemy. This is a trap because you cannot possess any of the other enemies (or return to the previously possessed enemy), and your ability to shoot is disabled.

Thank you for reporting this bug. We will look into it and fix it by the next upload of our build! Thank you for your time. 

The 2nd room (with 7 enemies, one of which can be possessed) allows you to shoot all of the enemies and reach the door, but it doesn't unlock because you are expected to possess one of the enemies. Suggest blocking the path to the exit to force players to possess the enemy that allows them to reach the door.

Thank you for playing our game! This is a bug that is familiar with the team and got fixed in the newest build. If you'd like to try again it has been uploaded to the itch.io page. But thank you for bringing it up. 

Hi, I got stuck multiple times in your tutorial by one: not knowing what to do and two: emptying my bullets. The UI of the enemy makes me think I can rotate between them but instead I need to actively posses them. The more damage based on type is not clear (tested with someone that didn't know). When I leave a vessel they get new ammo (unfair!). Playing this game I was not challenged, I just do what I did in tutorial room one and keep doing that till the game is over. The aim assist got in the way of seeing my bullets. The snapping to enemies made me dizzy (camera shake). The aim assist seem to also not be correct in some ways. It got quite laggy when many enemies were shooting at the same time. 

Hey, thank you for the feedback and some of the issues you brought up! We are still working on the game to bring players a better experience. Especially the tutorial section is currently being developed, iterated upon, and improving rapidly. 

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I played your game, the art is looking good! I feel like some of the feedback systems need more work. I did not understand how much health I had after possessing. Started at room 4 in the gym level. It was not clear what color was better than the other. It was pretty hard to dodge. No cooldown indication on possession

Thanks for the feedback
Some of the issues are known and are currently being worked on so they should be solved by the next version