Update V0.1

Update V0.1

Update V0.1 involves the first 30 second demo level along with the first VA assets making it in and some mechanics being reworked.


  • 30 Second Demo Level has been added


  • First iteration of the modular kit buildings has been added
  • First iteration of props has been added
  • First iteration of credits cutscene has been added


  • New prey mechanics have been added
    • Prey now runs to a random bush where the player must catch them
  • Wolf model has been added


  • Fox Model has been added
    • Including blockout poses
  • New jump mechanics have been added
    • Jump is now dynamic on selected assets
    • Jump indicator has been added

User Experience

  • First audio elements have been implemented
    • Ambient noises
    • Placeholder wolf noises
    • Placeholder prey noises


cry-of-the-fox-win.zip 386 MB
Version 1 Jun 03, 2022

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